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Chronic Constipation - Looking for Solutions That Work

Hello Mamas, I was wondering if anyone has had a child that overcame prolonged chronic constipation? My 9 y/o son has been suffering for over three years with this. Here is some background info: We are under the care of a pediatric GI and have been since 2011. He is on 2 caps of Miralax a day. He gets plenty of physical activity (we aim for an hour a day) and drinks enough fluids throughout the day. He takes Florajen probiotics daily. He eats plenty of fruit and does not eat a ton of sugar, though we usually let him have about...

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Use of Miralax

Hi, My 2 1/2 year old has been having problems with bowel movements. We finally got him regular for almost 1 month and the GI dr found out he was also anemic, so he's been on iron for almost one month. I thought being on the iron would make his constipation worse, but he was doing so well, thought too well that I lowered the dose of his miralax I gave him only to the 1/2 mark of the cap because his poop was so watery and Friday he didn't poop and went back to his Arching of his back. The dr wants me back in a few weeks for his Iron...


Moms Who Use Miralax

Our son was just put on Miralax by a nutritionist. We started on Thursday...

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Son Is Getting Sick for No Apparent Reason!!

Hi, I'm hoping someone else has been through this and can give me advice. My 5 yr old son has had several incidents when he has "all of a sudden" started crying saying his forehead and tummy hurt. He then proceeds to throw up. The next day - he's FINE. You wouldn't even know that he was sick the day before. I can't find any correlation between any of them. One was after school. One was after strawberry picking (thought maybe he ate too many strawberries) - oh, and that was fun to clean out of the car! The latest was after...