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3 Wk Old Slow Weight Gain (Caught in Breast/formula Conundrum)

*Long request My 3 week old daughter was born at 7.11 and with weight checks every 4 days or so has lost weight (normal, I know) to 6.14 and then gained (7.2) then down(?!) to 6.14 again and then up to 7.4 and after 7 days has only gained an ounce (7.5)! The post partum weight drop can safely be attributed to her sleeping well, she would go from midnight to almost 5:30 at 10 days old, so I've started waking her to feed every three hrs (daytime) and every four hours at night. Beyond that, my milk supply seems adequate but I'm taking...

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How Do I Get My 4 Month Old to Feed from the Bottle?

My 4 month old daughter is too used to the breast and will not feed from the bottle. When we try and give it to her, she fusses, screams and cries until we give her the breast. We've even tried Avent, Dr. Brown, Nuk, etc nipples to see which one is closest to the real thing. We've even tried feeding her with the bottle in the morning when she is the most hungry but that doesn't work either. Will she get better if I start feeding her rice cereal? This makes it really hard to leave her with a babysitter. Any suggestions would be greatly...


Need New Bottles

I am not really having an issue, but just want some opinions from other moms...