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Breast Pump

T.C. asks from Detroit

What breast pump do you recommend? I was thinking about the medela but using avent bottles. The lady at the store said avent bottles have more nipple options than m...


How Do I Get My 4 Month Old to Feed from the Bottle?

J.P. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old daughter is too used to the breast and will not feed from the bottle. When we try and give it to her, she fusses, screams and cries until we give her ...


Need New Bottles

L.F. asks from Denver

I am not really having an issue, but just want some opinions from other moms with newborns/infants... I am trying to find new bottles, I have a 5 month old and am bre...


New Bottles

K.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi ladies, I am about 2 weeks away from having my second child and I just returned all of my old bottles (Avent) to Babies R Us for a store credit because of the who...


Baby Won't Take Bottle

C.M. asks from Dallas

I have an 8 wk old who I have been breastfeeding exclusively. I have started pumping and am trying to get her to take a bottle as I will be returning to work. She i...


Need Bottle Recommendations for My Breastfed Baby

A. asks from Houston

We've been struggling to get our 2 and a half month old to take a bottle. We've given him a bottle of breast milk a couple of times a week since he was about a month...


Weaning Troubles

J.B. asks from Orlando

Hello Moms. First off, Thank goodness there is a place where we can all meet and help each other. I am a SAHM with 3 beautiful kids; ages 7, 2.5 and 4 months. I am at...


5 Month Old Refuses Bottle

L.M. asks from Dallas

My breastfed daughter will not take a bottle. I am leaving in 3 weeks for a 3 day conference! Currently she will take about 2-3 ounces from a bottle while I am at wor...


Baby Refuses the Bottle

M.D. asks from Denver

I have a 3 month old daughter who I have been solely breastfeeding. I will be returning to work full time in about 6 weeks and my daughter refuses to take the bottle...


Silent Acid Reflux

J.M. asks from Dallas

My 11 week old just doesn't eat normally. He use to have terrible gas and we seem to have resolved that by changing his formula to Nutramagin. He is still crying (t...