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I Need a Baby Nurse - 24 Hour

Hi. I'm looking for a baby nurse for after I give birth this summer. I'd like someone 24 hours for 2 weeks willing to work in the Beverlywood/Pico Robertson area. Please send me any referrals that you have. thanks!

Day Care Centers & Providers

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24 Hour Fitness

Does anybody workout at the 24 Hour Fitness on 119th and Metcalf? Do you like it? Do you like the daycare? Please share if you think this is a good place to work out. Thanks!


24 Hour Childcare

I am in desparate need of a good childcare center that operates until around...

Sick Child Care

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Looking for a Pediatrician Who Has 24 Hour Advice Nurse

My family recently moved here from out of the state and we are looking for a pediatrician's office that offers a 24 hour advice nurse. Our pediatrician back home had this and we used it ALL the time with our first child. I am now expecting a new baby and am looking for a similar service out here. Any recommendations? I called KidCare and they charge $25 per call. Cooks and Baylor say they do not have anything like this. We live in Keller and are willing to drive a fair distance to get the service we are looking for. I'm looking for a...