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Baby Einstein

S.R. asks from Boca Raton

i was wondering what anyone thought about the baby einstein products, do you like the videos, cd, baby gear?


Baby Einstein Dvd's

L.M. asks from Dallas

I received several Baby Einstein DVD's as shower gifts. A friend recently told me that she read an article that Baby Einstein DVD's are not recommended. She couldn'...


Conidering Buying a Baby Back Carrier and Not Sure What to Get

J.K. asks from Topeka

I have a wonderful, loving 11 month old little boy that is well over 26 pounds. He is cruising, but not yet walking. He's getting a lot of floor time and does a great...


Product Recommendations, PLEASE!

I.W. asks from Columbus

Hi, I'm due mid-February and looking for some personal experiences and advice on car seats, travel systems, bassinets, travel cribs and other vital items for newbor...


16 Weeks Old - She WILL NOT Nap Unless She Is Being Held or in a Sling... HELP!

K.P. asks from San Francisco

I need your help ladies! We are Attachment Parenting and co-sleeping with our daughter (16 weeks) a la Dr. Sears. Sleeping at nighttime is not a problem, she sleeps...


Baby Einstien Dvds...& 3 Month Old Entertainment

C.W. asks from Austin

ok, so I KNOW that the TV is not a babysitter... we really don't watch it much in my house anyway except for news and movies once in a while. I have noticed that when...


First Time Traveling with Baby Is There Best Time to Fly? Other Advice?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

We're thinking of going on vacation next month with our baby girl who will be 9 months at the time. This will be her first time on the plane and my question is, shou...


What's the Best Inexpensive Stroller for Traveling?

K.G. asks from Portland

Hi moms, We are traveling out of state for a wedding and will be taking our 7 month old with us. The current stroller we have is huge, heavy and impractical. (It w...


Due in November - What Baby Items Are Considered MUST Have's by You?

S.W. asks from Myrtle Beach

I'm due in November. I KNOW that I want a carrier, and I've been eyeing the ERGO; do any of you have experience with that and would you recommend it? What other gea...


What Is the Best Present You Ever Got?

J.R. asks from Springfield

Sorry I erased it. Friend pregnant with boy girl twins wanting to know what to give her for a gift. What was the best things you got as a gift.