Carrier or Wrap?

Updated on January 29, 2011
M.3. asks from Ballwin, MO
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Hi Ladies,
Just wondering which may be better, I have a carrier, and I like it, but wondering if something like the moby wrap would be better for a newborn. It just looks complicated to me and Im worried somehow I wont do it right? So my question, do you think a wrap would be more comfortable for baby and me, and are they hard to use and/or better than a carrier?

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Im thinking about this one.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I loved my Sleepy Wrap. Wish I would have had it with my first daughter. It looks complicated but once you tie them a few times, you'll never forget and it'll be super easy.

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answers from Chicago on

wrap, wrap , wrap, wrap, wrap I can not say it enough ... my opnion on the carriers are they spread thier legs too far apart for constant comfort I would not put my baby thru that, as well they are just too annoying everyone has to adjust 4 or more straps to adjust size wise. With my wrap we could all take it off and whip it on no matter who, I did household chores in it but my fav thing was that I would put it on over a tank or tee with yoga pants or jeans put baby in the car seat get out of the car and put him in it and go grocery shopping then put him right back in when I was done.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I loved my Moby when my daughter was newborn. I could spread the fabric over my shoulder and back and I never got any pain or strain. I know with carriers that's a fairly common issue. The straps can sort of cut into your shoulders.
The Moby is a lot of fabric, but once you get used to it, it's a snap. I would put mine on before I left the house that way I wasn't standing in the parking lot of the store tying it.
If you decide to got with a carrier for a newborn, look at ones like the Ergo. Stay away from the Snugli and the Bjorn. They spread the legs too wide apart and put too much pressure on the hips. It can cut of circulation to their little legs. I don't think most baby wearing Mommas recommend carriers for newborns.
As far as not doing it right...I wound up doing sort of an adapted tie once I got used to my Moby. You can really tie it anyway you want, as long as the baby is secure.

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answers from St. Louis on

I used the Moby and loved it when my baby was just born. I definitely recommend the wraps for when your baby is small. It takes just a little practice to learn to wrap it but after a bit you will be a pro.
We then shifted into the Beco Butterfly 2 carrier and I can't tell you how awesome this carrier is. I highly recommend it. It supports your babe's body in an ergonomic position and is safe for their hips and spine, unlike other carriers out there, ahem <baby bjorn>. With the Beco, you can keep their legs "froggied" on the inside until they are long enough to have the legs on the outside.
Check out
They have a sling/carrier exchange where you can borrow a carrier to try it out!! How cool is that? And the owner Jillian is super nice and VERY knowledgeable about all things babywearing.
This is Beco's website:
We also have the Ergo, which is another great carrier, very similar to the Beco.
When using the carriers, its important that their bum and legs are supported to behind the knee. This helps protect their spine. When you see carriers out there where babies' leg are dangling down it isn't good. These "crotch danglers" place excessive stress on their spine and they don't put their hips into an advantageous position.
Happy Babywearing!
A. D.
PS I see you are in Ballwin, I also live in STL, so if you ever would like help or a demo, I'd be happy to do that. I don't sell these or anything, just LOVE them.

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answers from Tampa on

wraps allow for optimal amount of skin to skin or at least much more body heat and heart beat. If you are nursing - absolutely a wrap!!

Everything take a few minutes to orient yourself with the directions, maybe practice a bit... not really that much harder than a basic carrier.

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answers from Detroit on

Athough I have a carrier, it is not approp for my newborn. Both my husband and I are LOVING the k'tan! Check it out online. I think it is easier to use than a moby. We may never use our carrier again actually... we like it that much... and it is good for bigger/heavier kids too!

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answers from Columbus on

I used a carrier with my first child and a Moby wrap for my 2nd. So far I like the wrap better, but it is really complicated. It comes with really good directions, but it took me a while to remember - I had to practice on a stuffed animal while the baby was sleeping! hahaha

Also a wrap grows with your child better than a carrier - you can use it from a preemie up to a preschooler. It's also more comfortable to wear, it distributes the baby's weight so it doesn't feel like such a strain on your back and shoulders.

If you're unsure, see if anyone you know has one you can try on. And once you get it, practice until you feel confident putting your baby in it. I found out that the reason my 1st child didn't like the wrap was because he could tell how nervous & hesitant I felt wearing him in it!

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answers from Cleveland on

I love wraps. I started with a stretchy wrap like the moby but quickly found that once your child hits about 15lbs it doesn't have enough support for extended use and proper positioning. It's at that point that I discovered woven wraps. They are AMAZING! I can wear my 4 year old in one and be totally comfortable (and have carried my baby in one for hours and hours at a time without getting uncomfortable). They are so versatile and can be used in front, hip and back carriers. A great website to check out is It is an on-line babywearing community and you can find information about every kind of baby carrier on the market, how to use is safely and even buy one used on the FSOT trade board.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son never liked being in a wrap. Of course, he was nearly 10 lbs at birth and the wrap seemed rather small for him..... I got Ergobaby with the infant insert and it was awesome! We all loved it.

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answers from St. Louis on

For my two guys, I had a carrier but rarely used it because it had so many straps and buckles, and seemed so uncomfortable for the babes! I ended up just carrying them around a lot. So, I recently purchased a sling (in hopes of having #3) that I got as a Mamapedia Sweet Deal from I am convinced this is the easiest sling in the world to use! I have toted around my 15-month old in it a few times and it is a cinch to use. You basically fold it in half, which creates a little pouch for the baby. That being said, I haven't used it for a newborn so not sure how secure it is, but am really hoping for the opportunity to try it out. Best of luck to you!

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answers from New York on

I also used the Ergo carrier with infant insert and my son and I loved it. He would sleep in there for hours and I was free to stay active with my 2-year-old daughter. I prefer it over a sling because the baby is so secure to your body you really can move a lot without impediment. My sister has twin boys and a new infant daughter and she loves the Becco baby carrier, which is similar to the Ergo. I looked at and that's a great reference. Becco just came out with a new carrier that allows the baby to face forward too, which the Ergo does not, which might be useful.

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answers from St. Louis on

We have a carrier and a wrap. My 2nd was a velcro-baby, always had to be held and snuggled, so I bought some material and made mine own Moby wrap. (I actually had enough width to the material that I made three and gave the other two away to expecting mamas.) I didn't think making it or wrapping it was difficult at all. I watched a few youtube videos and printed off the instructions online. I practiced about three times to figure out how tight I had to tie it, and then I had it. I used this to do daily things around the house, go grocery shopping, and even when we flew on an airplane. She loved it and felt secure. As she got heavier, I did feel like I had to help support her bottom, but that was more me than the moby not holding her.

Now that she's over 15 pounds, we use a carrier when we need one. She likes to look out and around, and I feel she's more secure in it.

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answers from Denver on

I just bought a Moby wrap and so far have just looked at the instruction manual scratching my head... but it's won awards and gets great reviews. I just need to set aside the time to practice! I also have a baby bjorn carrier and love it, but I wanted something for around the house as well.

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answers from Kansas City on

I LOVED the Moby wrap with my newborn and she loved it as well...she would sleep in it for hours if I wore her that long! It did look complicated when I first read the instruction manual, but after putting it on a few times it wasn't complicated at all and did a great job of cradling her in a comfortable position for both of us. My only complaints about it are that you wouldn't want to put it on in a store because the ends will drag the ground (yuck) and it can be hot because there's a lot of fabric to it. I would wrap her up and do housework, play on the computer and even take a walk outside - she'd never make a peep.

I tried the Snugli with #1 kidlet and I agree that their little legs are way too spread out to be comfortable and they don't have any head support. The Moby lets babies snuggle with their knees up and keeps their little heads from jostling around. HTH!


answers from Kansas City on

You got lots of great info on wraps and carriers, I just would like to add that if you are scared of the Moby, you tube it and there are lots of helpful mammas on there showing you how to wrap! I loved my Moby, but sadly my son outgrew it in a few months...I have an Ergo, a babyhawk Mei tei and a woven wrap! I love them all.


answers from Dallas on

the moby can look complicated but if you get a friend to help you and practice with a doll it's actually pretty easy. However, I had little luck with it. My dd wasn't a huge fan of being worn when she was a newborn. I don't know how moms wear their babies and do housework. I couldn't bend over to get laundry out of the dryer or cook because of the hot stove. The only task I seemed to get done was getting the mail and by the time I got back in the house my back hurt!

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