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Updated on July 29, 2010
C.W. asks from Cleveland, TN
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ok, so I KNOW that the TV is not a babysitter... we really don't watch it much in my house anyway except for news and movies once in a while. I have noticed that whenever the tv is on my 3 month daughter is infatuated... I don't think she comprehends what she's seeing, probably just likes the movement and sound but who knows... Anyway, I was thinking of getting some baby Einstein DVDs to pop in during those times when you have to have a break... she would only be watching them for 10 minutes or so at a time (long enough to do dishes, run the vacuum, have a minute to use the bathroom... etc. lol) Are they any good? I have heard that there are controversies about them, but I have no clue what they are. If you mommas have any suggestions on other methods to keep her busy, I would love to hear them! (she has a bouncy seat, but only likes it when she is super tired. she also has a tummy time mat, but she only spends about 5 minutes playing on her own before she wants me to play with her...) I do try to get stuff done when she is asleep, but she only sleeps for 30 minutes during her "short naps" and she only takes one long nap (about 2 hrs) which I use to get a little sleep in too. (I am a super light sleeper & have mild insomnia... and since I am breastfeeding my doc recommend I stop the sleeping pills, which means I average about 3-5 hrs of sleep at night... so those 2 hrs in the day are needed... not just a luxury. lol) SOOOO... i guess my question is this... what do you think of baby einstein dvds, and what kinds of things can you do to help a 3 month old baby entertain herself? please don't tell me to wear her... I have tried putting her in a sling and a baby bjorn-type carrier, and she hates them... only mommy's arms are acceptable. lol.

I suppose I should add that we don't have cable... just basic TV... we don't watch it so why pay? lol.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I owned some. My daughter loved them, but honestly, I'd not introduce tv at all at this age. Its bad enough at the age of two when they want it all the time. I'm almost ready to tell her the tv is broken indefinitely. Not to mention, that as a babysitter, tv is addicting for mom's too. I say hold off.

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answers from Houston on

First off, I will say...Tv is not evil. I find it funny how Momma's will make excuses before even asking a question. Does my kid watch TV? Yes. I make no bones about it. I would get rid of Baby Einstein and just focus on Sesame Street. Maybe I am a bad mother? Maybe I'm not. Sesame Street is the reason WHY my daughter knew her ABC's, color's, shapes and numbers. NOT that I didnt teach just was a good avenue to make those teachings FUN!!!! I think Baby Einstein is a little more for the older child. My DD is 3 and a half now...she dropped Elmo like a bad habit!!! :(...but she still learns from Blue's Clues, Wonder Pets and MOMMA!!!!! You just have to find a "norm" between TV and yourself.
That is just my opinion.

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answers from Appleton on

My daughter also went through this stage around 3 months...she was REALLY fascinated by football of all things! It really only lasted for about 4-6 weeks. I know the Dr.'s don't recommend tv under the age of 2- but I'm a whatever you need to do. I don't think there is a need for the DVD's....maybe just turn the channel to something child friendly.
In another month or so you can start trying an excersaucer or jumperoo (as soon as she can hold her head & torso up herself). My daughter is now 13 months and still hangs out in her exersaucer while I shower in the morning!



answers from Portland on

My son loved baby einstein when he was a baby, the dvds usually bought me 15-20min to get something done.



answers from Chicago on

First give yourself a break, TV in moderation is not going to rot your babies brain! Everyone needs 10-15 min to get something done. That being said, I would borrow some different baby DVD's from your library until you find ones that she will enjoy. Then you can buy what she likes, which will change about 1 week after you buy it! lol. Mostly it is the movement or sounds she is responding to. Baby Einstien is just that movement and music. They can be hypnotizing for some kids. My son wasn't really in love with them until he got a little older, but he did like Tellitubbies (yuk!). It drove me crazy, but kept him quiet. He also loved Wheel of Fortune! the lights, the wheel, the sounds, the clapping!



answers from New York on

My son, who is now 11 months old, liked the Baby Einstein and Baby Bach videos from about 3 months. I would give him a binkie and put the video on, and would have enough time to get a few things done before he got distracted and was done.

Currently, at his father's mother's house (where she watches him during the day), the TV is on all the time, but he prefers to play with his toys most of the time.



answers from Denver on

if you have comcast with the "on demand" channel, there are brainy baby segments you can pop on that won't cost you anything more than you're already paying.

oh yeah- pick up "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" =D It'll go a long way to helping get you and your baby girl into solid sleep habits!!

Good luck!


answers from Norfolk on

I'm not sure a 3 month olds eye sight could handle watching any amount of TV. At that age, my son could look around him, but he mostly focused on my face or the face of who ever was holding him. When I was feeding him, he'd look up at me with those big brown eyes (it seemed like he hardly ever blinked) like he was drinking in the sight of me. He liked his swing, and his bouncy seat and he LOVED his play mat which had shapes and rattles he could reach for and kick his feet at. He fell asleep there a lot. I'd get a pillow, lay down next to him on the floor and take a nap along side him. I wore him in a sling a lot - he loved it. When I think back to his first year I think he spent more time in my arms or on my lap than anywhere else. I tried to take him for a walk in the stroller at least once a day (when weather was crummy we'd go for a walk in the mall before the stores were open). The fresh air was good for both of us (it really seemed to tire him out) and the walks gave me some exercise and helped me sleep better. We didn't watch much TV at all. But sometimes when he was fussy, I'd put on a CD of classic waltzes and I'd dance him around the room a few times. They grow and change so fast at this age - there are new changes almost every day. A year from now you'll be chasing a toddler - they get into everything. Enjoy it while it lasts!


answers from Dallas on

BARNEY!! My eldest showed it to my youngest when she was 11 mos. and she's been hooked ever since. When she was younger than that we would put her in her bouncy in front of the fishtank or Christmas tree and she was fascinated! My DD also loved the baby genius dvd about zoo animals. She loved it as a young infant but not so much again until recently and she's almost 3. I got it at Big Lots for like $5. Tv is great sometimes. My child has gained nothing but smarts and a great imagination from it!!!!



answers from Las Vegas on

Christina, I have a couple of them. My daughter never seemed to have interest in them. She did prefer the sling.

Contact me at [email protected]



answers from Los Angeles on

"TV watching "rewires" an infant’s brain, says Dr. Dimitri A. Christakis lead researcher and director of the Child Health Institute at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, Wash. The damage shows up at age 7 when children have difficulty paying attention in school."

Babies & Toddlers parked in front of the TV at risk for developing ADHD

TV linked to ADHD

Article: Risks of TV

Do a google search for Jane Healy and No TV under age 2. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends no TV under age 2 thanks in part to her research.

Jane Healy's book - Endangered Minds: Why Children Don't Think and What we Can do about it
Healy devotes a whole chapter to Sesame Street and explains because the segments are so short and zip so fast, it primes the mind for fast paced movement and doesn't do the brain much good. (If you want your kids to develop ADHD, that's a sure way to help it.) It really opened my eyes with my first born and it helped me to really limit TV and be critical of what my kids watch. For example, I prefer MAX AND RUBY because that is more slow paced. I think that's better. But I would hold off on TV. Definitely don't start it before age 2.

The very best thing to do for your baby is hold them (get a back carrier like the ERGO if you don't like the Bjorn or sling)

or put them on the floor on their back. The FLOOR GYM is ideal at this age.

When she is ready, she will roll over to her tummy and do her own tummy time: roll over stretching, reaching for her toys time. That's what I did when I needed a break. When I took a bath (so she could see me and not freak out), I had my daughter in the bouncy seat or on the floor (towel, clean yoga mat) as she was older. I never used an exersaucer long term (just for 5 minutes here and there) because I didn't want to limit her body movement. She was getting more benefit by moving her body than my limiting it. If I really, really needed her to be parked somewhere, that's when I used it. So I made sure to get one cheap & gently used one from a garage sale (since I knew I wasn't going to use it long).

That site has great DVDs (wish more parents could see it) which shows the various stages of locomotion for babies and toddlers and how important it is for brain & eye development.

Those Baby "Einstein" DVDs are marketing nonsense. You can learn more here:

I have 2 kids, ages 10 and 6 and I was very careful with my firstborn, limiting TV. Now that has flown out the window and they watch 30 minutes each day and I hate it. It turns into fights and they prefer watching shows I don't want them to watch (Victorious being the latest one, most stuff on Nick & Disney channel are garbage). Some shows on TV are good and fine, but others I would prefer to pass.

I agree with Heidi H. Hold off as long as you can. It does get addicting for them and it's not good for them. They need to play and move their bodies and they can do that if you give them the chance.



answers from Phoenix on

My 3 month old LOVES her floor gym. She can be there for up to 20 minutes playing with all the little hanging animals. We have a pack and play in the common room that we attached an electric mobile that she also loves. It projects images of animals on a screen above her head. She can watch that for long amounts of time as well. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Not sure about this or any TV at 3 months, but starting at 15-18 months our girls liked the "Classical Baby" DVDs from HBO. They have little sequences on dance, art and music in various styles. There were some definite favorites ("Mambo!", "Caterpillar" & "Dance of the Flowers") that they like bobbing to.
For now, I would try the swing, play pen and activity mat first with some toys she can bang around.

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