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Baby Slings

M.R. asks from Fort Walton Beach

I am pregnant with my third child. My other two are still very young ages 2 and 3. I want to purchase a baby sling but have no idea which kind to even start shopping ...



S.S. asks from Dover

I have a 4 month old who does not want to sleep during the day unless I am holding her. I can rock her to sleep and put her in her pack and play or in the crib and wi...


Screaming Baby

A.C. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies- Here I go again... my baby girl is 8 1/2 months old (never an easy baby) but seriously she screams and whines ALL DAY LONG. I am about to go crazy. She ...


I Need HELP!

T.L. asks from Columbia

My daughter will be 8 months old on the 26th. she got colic when she was 6 weeks old so i had to rock her to sleep & continue to hold her while she was sleeping... we...


Transitioning Out of the Swaddle

C.M. asks from Houston

My baby boy is 6 months old. He has slept swaddled since he was born. He is a good sleeper with the swaddle on. He has given up his middle of the night feeding and we...


Grandma Looking for Sleep Advice

L.T. asks from South Bend

We have a new grandaughter and both her and her mom live with us. she was just born and is only 6 days old. My daughter does not want to get the baby in the habit of ...


6Wk Old Baby Needs to Be Held to Sleep

M.P. asks from New York

Hi, i understand that baby's sleep habits will change from time to time. I want to know if my baby girl 6 wks is too young to let cry to sleep. since birth she slept ...


Newborn Won't Sleep Anywhere but on Us

H.K. asks from Chicago

Hi, I have a one week old little boy and he will not sleep in his bassinette, crib, swing, papasan chair - anywhere but on us. I sleep sitting up in a glider with h...


7-Week Old Won't Sleep on Her Back

S.C. asks from Minneapolis

My little girl sleeps perfectly when I'm holding her...when I put her down, she screams. I know I'm being a wimp, but I spend many nights holding her all night so sh...


Wakes Every Two Hours

K.H. asks from San Antonio

Hi moms! I've recently posted on here about troubles I've had with breastfeeding my daughter but I'd also like to get your advice about some sleep issues. My girl h...