Due in November - What Baby Items Are Considered MUST Have's by You?

Updated on May 19, 2012
S.W. asks from Murrells Inlet, SC
33 answers

I'm due in November. I KNOW that I want a carrier, and I've been eyeing the ERGO; do any of you have experience with that and would you recommend it? What other gear would you recommend?

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answers from Redding on

Lots of soft blankies.
That's really ALL you need in the beginnings.
We've complicated things quite a bit over the years.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If I could go back in time, to 9 years ago....I would BUY the stinking tub kneeling cushion thingamabobber!
My kid wanted baths for waaaaaay too long! (I guess it was so fun for him, I don't know) but I never thought I would be kneeling beside the tub for SO many years! lol
I remember looking at them in the store and thinking--"what a waste of money!" Not!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had a lot for my oldest that I never used and some things that I used all the time. Both my boys loved the play mat on the floor with the music lights and hanging toys above them. Definitely a Boppy (with a couple covers in case they spit up). One liked a swing while the other liked the vibrating chair. Also have a good chair in their room, rocking or glider. I used it so much more than I ever thought I would and wish I had gotten a better one. We barely ever used a high chair and just got the booster kind that you can strap on a kitchen chair. Takes up less room and they can sit at the table. I ditto the changing table, I lay a mat down and change them on the floor most of the time. I have a little carrier/organizer that I keep in my family room and it has been great!

I almost forgot....can't forget the "Sleep Sheep!" Everybody I know that has one swears by it!

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answers from Tampa on

All those answers are great so I won't repeat what's on there :) But one thing that I used for both my boys was a Bumbo chair! The kids can start using it as soon as they can hold their heads up. We used to carry it to restarurants with us and set it on the table while we were eating so the kids could sit with us and be a part of the meal. It was great for snack time. Plus, once the kids grew out of the baby seat we used the Bumbo while cooking dinner, folding clothes, whatever just so baby could sit by us. In fact, the boys are 4 and 6 now and still use it! They pretend that they are race car drivers and whoever sits in the Bumbo is the driver! ;)

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answers from Columbia on

Love the Ergo. Only drawback I've found (using since he was an infant) is that it takes two people to use it when the child rides on the back.

Other musts:
* Anti-gas drops
* swaddler
* cloth diapers (great for burp rags)
* Angel monitor (monitors heartbeat/movement after X seconds of neither, plus voice with optional video)
* and we get everyone the Babywise book, but I know that there are several good books out there (i'd also recommend Ferber)
* Shushy bear (don't know the actual namebrand) - that plays the "woosh-woosh" sound you hear with an ultrasound for naps.

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answers from New York on

No experience with carriers. I held my girl in my arms, and just put her down when I needed to do things...

Other Gear:

A really comfortable chair for you - if you are nursing OR bottle feeding, being up in the middle of the nigth is a lot easier if you have a comfortable place to sit!

A play mat where I could lay my girl down and she had toys etc. hanging above her.

If you are bottle feeding (pumping or formula), they make single bottle sized cooler bags for bottles (mine was Skip Hop) and for a short trip it was the best.

If you are using formula (or supplementing with formula) the "single serve" bottles are great to keep on hand for an emergency. They do not need to be refrigerated!

Good Luck!

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answers from Cincinnati on

It really depends on your baby. I learned that Alot of the stuff I used for my first born, My second born did not like and vise versa. An example is that my first born (my son) hated being swaddled, but my daughter can not sleep unless she is swaddled. For both we use an infant seat, and I could not get along without it (they sit/sat in it while I showered or did the dishes or cooked dinner) I bought two different baby carriers. One was a sling type and the other was the kind that straps the baby to your chest. I never used the sling because it was so deep I couldn't see my baby in it. I also think changing tables are a waste of money, you can only use them for so long and they take up so much space. We normally changed our kids on the floor on a changing pad or in their crib.

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answers from Dallas on

Boppy, swing, vibrating bouncer, umbrella stroller.

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answers from Iowa City on

For me we needed a car seat, pack-n-play, diapers, wipes, sleepers, a baby swing (the only thing that kept both my girls happy for a few months), swaddling blankets, a breast pump (I had a preemie in the NICU so I had to pump when she couldn't nurse) and a rocking chair.

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answers from Chicago on

Must haves (from a 50 year old mom , grandmother and childcare provider)

Good carseat

diapers that fit and work for the baby (don't buy a million big boxes of any specific kind till you know they work for your little one)

crib w/ good infant mattress ( start putting baby in from day 1)

highchair that will also work slid up to the end of the table so baby is part of dinner each and every meal.

at least 4 - 6 receiving blankets

sleepers with and without feet
socks in size medium skip the newborn size altogether

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answers from Seattle on

Baby carrier for sure! I used that every single day until my son grew out of it. He hated being laid down.

Diaper cloths for spit up's
Fleece or flannel blankets because it'll be cooler by November
Swing! Son used it a lot!
Pack and play
Vibrating bounce chair

Congrats on the baby!!!

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answers from Augusta on

I don't like using Ergo with a younger baby but I love it for my toddler. I have tried everything (pouch, wrap, ring, structured) and my favorite is Moby Wrap for a young baby.

As for must haves, very little. Diapers, wipes, something to feed the baby, clothes. I have four children and have never felt the need for the swing, bouncy seat, etc. My kids have all been happy playing on a blanket on the floor with some toys around. I think it encourages exploration and learning when they are not confined to something.

If you breastfeed you need nothing extra. In my experience most hospitals give a hand pump that works for occasional pumping. If you plan to pump a lot or return to work you will need a double electric breast pump. If you bottle feed you will of course need bottles and formula. Maybe a couple pacifiers in case your baby takes to them- I always had them on hand but none of my kids wanted them.

Sleeping- we have a nice crib that is tucked away in the attic. My one year old sleeps in a pack and play in our room. I would recommend a pack and play with a bassinet attachment. You can use it near your bed for the first little bit and if you transition baby to their own room you now have your traveling crib. Bassinets are cute, but not very practical. I have co-slept with all of my kids at some point, so do read up on safe co-sleeping if you think you will. Most parents end up falling asleep with their babies at some point.

Best of luck with your new arrival!

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answers from Los Angeles on

VERY FEW must haves. Babies R Us has told people they need a million things. After 4 kids and a bunch of different items:

*Ergo Carrier is great for a toddler.

*Becco carrier is perfect for a younger baby.

(For the carriers, pick one you AND your husband/partner like, since he might be wearing it, too. My husband said NEVER and he wears the baby more than I do!)

*Diaper wipe warmer. Don't believe me? Try a cold wipe on your nether regions and see how it feels. LOL

*BEST STROLLER IN THE WORLD! - watch the video
It's light, LIES FLAT (which most don't) so the baby can sleep, folds up easy, doesn't take up a bunch of room, the canopy zips to keep gusts of wind out, etc. AMAZING! We use it for our 1 year old AND our 4 year old still can fit in it.

*Snap and Go - no huge travel system.

*Register for diapers (all different kids) and wipes. TRUST ME. Costco has the best wipes.

*Hannah Andersson sleepers WITHOUT feet. They are soft and will last longer, since the ones with feet outgrow in 1-2 months. Buy them larger than you think and use them longer. No snaps to lie on. I can't imagine sleeping with snaps all up my bag, front or inside my legs!

*Nursing stool. Crazily amazing for your back...and after holding the baby all day, you'll literally sigh with relief.

You don't need to register for blankets, as people will give you more than you'll be able to handle.

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answers from San Francisco on

I am so with Jennifer P on the wipe warmer! It seems like such a silly thing until you think about what it would be like to have a cold wipe run across your nether regions, yikes!

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answers from Chicago on

Nap Nanny- amazing and I used it every day!
I have 3 carriers, The moby- is a wrap and amazing for newborns
The Ergo- great for longer carries since the weight is distributed between your shoulders and hips, and the Baby Bjorn- great for quick trips as it is easy on and off. I also love my Summer Video Monitor- great seeing baby and not going in and waking them up if you don't have too! Crib/mattress/ soft sheets ( I love the organic cotton sheets at Babies R Us). A great breast pump if you choose to breasfeed (Medela Pump in Style is great).
Lots of burp cloths and receiving blankets. I love the flannel receiving blankets at Buy Buy Baby. Sleep sacks-great for winters!
Congrats and good luck!

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answers from Houston on

We have a sling, the Baby Bjorn and the ERGO. I thought the sling was perfect when our son was a small infant (4 months and under) while the Bjorn was nice up to one year. At that point he was getting too heavy and the ERGO has been great with a more mobile toddler. The ERGO takes a little creativity to get the child on your back by yourself. I found squatting is best but it hardly looks graceful. Whatever you decide I think will be entirely personal preference and should fit both you and your spouse if he plans on using it. I recommend some kind baby carrier, though. For us it was a must.

Otherwise, for me must haves were infant car seat with car base, small sized diapers (I taped receipts to boxes if I needed to return), wipes, burp clothes (we used cloth diapers, Gerber brand), several swaddlers (our son liked being swaddled), some baby clothes with socks and hats (newborn to 3 months), bottles if not nursing, pump and hands free nursing bra if pumping/nursing, and comfortable clothes for yourself. My son was a c-section delivery and I found a wheeled bassinet to be invaluable.

Some of the more oddball items we wished we'd had but wound up purchasing after his birth - grooming kit (brush/comb, nail clippers), medicine kit (medicine dispenser, gas drops, gripe water, diaper rash cream, basic pain medicines, teething tabs/gel, etc.), and nipple cream for me. Eventually you'll need a white noise machine and crib.

The swing, boppy, Bumbo and others were items we could have done without and/or purchased later. I recommend buying some things used. Our son hated swings so that was a bust purchase. However, at least it was used. One other personal preference of mine was clothes for the first year. I bought a range of sizes up to 18 months in neutrals. Not too much of each size but enough to cover the baby if I had to go shopping in a pinch. I hate shopping so that’s just me.

So much is personal preference between you and your baby so I wouldn't stress. Unless you live in the deep woods, salvation in the form of a Target, Wal Mart, pharmacy or other store is not a million miles. Good luck and congratulations.

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answers from Minneapolis on

A double stroller of some variety is a must if you have other wee ones.
I love my sit n' stand...but there are others.

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answers from Washington DC on

A crib and/or bassinet
Pampers Diapers! (buy a small pack of the newborn to start)
Stock up on wipes
Infant seat (NOT a travel system!) The travel system stroller took up my whole trunk and weighed a TON!
An infant seat base for each car
lots of soft blankets.
cradle swing
pack n play
Snap N Go stroller
terry cloth sleeper outfits

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answers from Los Angeles on

In the first 6 months I used the following the most often. Often daily - baby carrier, Snap 'N Go stroller, Boppy, Swaddling blankets, and bouncey chair.

If you plan to nurse, consider buying or rummaging through your current wardrobe for nursing-friendly tops. I overlooked this, but it is a must since your life will be nursing, sleeping, eating for three months.

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answers from Norfolk on

I used a rocking chair (with foot stool) for years.
I never used a bassinet.
I had a great sling and wore my son all over the house or anywhere a stroller wouldn't work well.
Car seat/carrier, and stroller.
Not everyone likes a changing table but that thing saved me some serious wear and tear on my back for years.
We had a swing and he liked it, but he out grew it in 5 months.
He was 9 lbs 1 1/2 oz at birth, 18 lbs at 5 months and 24 lbs at 1 year.
We never used a baby bath.
I bathed him in the kitchen sink till he could sit up and then I sat on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water when it came time for big bath time.
New born clothes were too small for him but fortunately most of the outfits from my shower were for 6 month olds and it didn't take long for him to be wearing them.
We had a diaper genie and it got emptied most often twice a day (so ours did not develop an odor problem).
We had a play pen but we didn't use it much unless he was sleeping in it when we were traveling - a Pack and Play is very handy for that.



answers from Seattle on

This is kinda random but I loved the little kinda "nightgown" sleepers. They are just like a long tshrit. I had a son and thought they were ridiculous. BUT at 3 am changing a diaper is SO much easier to just lift up the fabric than try to snap all of those snaps! Plus, we always had my son in one of those blanket bags over, so its not like he was cold.
Anyway, they were a lifesaver! :)



answers from Charlotte on

A bassinet so that you can keep your baby in your room (not in your bed) for the first 6 weeks. Then move him or her into a full-sized crib. I am grateful for that for our family, I have to say. (You may like co-sleeping, but I could not do that. This was a great alternative for us!)

A bath ring so that my babies were safer in the tub. We also had a soft plastic "elephant head" that fit over the tub spigot. I can't tell you how often my kids hit their little faces on that. Because the spigot was covered, they didn't get hurt.

A bottle warmer that plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car. When I stopped nursing and went to bottles, and we were traveling, I was able to make the bottles in advance and put them in a cold pack. That way I wasn't spilling formula powder all over the car. I don't think it is a necessary item, by any means, but I really did like having it.

A toilet seat lock from The Right Start people. It was great!

Have fun!



answers from Detroit on

K'tan carrier was my "must have". I used it daily. Babies don't fit in the Ergo very well. My daughter loved the Ergo... My son HATES it! Go figure!

A co sleeper next to my bed.

Bundle me blanket for the car seat (esp great in Nov). This aleviated any need for coats.

Blanket sleepers!



answers from Dallas on

You should have a swing that go back and forth and side to side. Some babies only like one direction and I would hate to habe to buy another swing just to try it out. Johnson and Johnson head to toe wash! My son is 6 has sensitive skin and still uses it! A stoller that can hold the infant carrier and can fold only using 1 hand. Lots and lots of burp cloths (use cloth diaper, they work best). A camera. Take a picture as you arrive at the hospital. I had been in labor for 12 hours when we got there and I was yelling at my husband, but he told me I would rgret it if we didnt have that pic. He was soo right!



answers from Kalamazoo on

I prefer the baby bjorn, its the only one Ive found I can get myself and baby in and out of without major acrobatics. If you invest in the more expensive pack and play, it takes the place of bassinet, crib and changing table. My daughter slept in hers until she was 2 1/2. With the new baby we just took the crib down, we never used it anyway, we just use the pack n play. We also got the baby swing that lifts out to be used as a bounced and switches into a toddler rocking chair. It wasnt good for a newborn, but we got so much more use out of it. If you are going to nurse, I would definitely get a double electric pump, didnt have one the first time around and it makes my life so.much easier. Also I love my boppy, I.use it everyday, all day. The little playgyms they lay under are worth the money as well, both my kids loved them, without them I would never get the dishes done. GL!



answers from Spartanburg on

Sleep sack. And must have a bouncy seat, one of those little sling-type chairs that vibrate and bounce. My babies LIVED in theirs until 6 months. If you nurse, lanolin and a boppy.

And a really good, reliable thermometer. Trust me, when you are wondering what's wrong with baby, you'll wish you had this.



answers from Seattle on

My daughter was born in Dec and we kept her mostly in PJ's since they were the warmest for her. If we went out we did dress her but I will say this girl had so many cloths it was crazy. I as a first time mother took all the tags off and washed thinking I will dress her everyday so on and so forth. She wears a onesie and PJ's. In my experience if you are breastfeeding expect loose stools at all times and make sure you have plenty of onesie's and PJ's.
For gear- Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer - Bella Vista she love love loved this until she got to heavy for it when she plumped up at 2.5months. She loved the white noise and especially the vibration since she had the vibration on her bassinet at night.
then she went into her swing that she loved as well. It went both ways side to side and front to back. She went from wanting one way to the other way. It was strange so i was glad we had that type of swing.
I had about 20 burp rags at any given point washed and ready just due to they are great for so many different things.
I loved my changing table. I didn't buy it new I bought one off of craigslist for $15. I washed it up and painted it the same thing as her room. She used it until she could turn over which was about 7months old(She was in a hip brace until 6months) so we had more use out of it than most people probably would.
And just a tip here, don't buy lots of diapers. If people ask what you need say a small pack of diapers so you can test them out. I had about 6 different types when my DD was born. She broke out and got a horrid rash from huggies. Still does even at 17 months. Huggies anything is a no no in this house. She reacted the best to pampers baby dry diapers. The most basic but worked the best. Then we switched to luvs since luvs are actually made by the same company as Pamper baby dry the only difference is the picture on the front.
I nursed and when I went back to work she took a bottle of breastmilk. She at any given point only uses one bottle a day. We just wash in between uses. Is it really that hard? People think we are nuts but why spend $50 on bottles.
I hope this helps. I really think less is more. We had tons of stuff that just went to waste in the clothes department.



answers from Syracuse on

I have an Ergo and highly recommend it as a carrier, although I didn't use mine much until my son was about 4 months old, I never bought the infant insert that goes with it.

I couldn't live with out my bobby pillow for both kids, loved it for nursing and they also were great for me to lean them on.

Neither of my kids would sit in the highly recommended bumbo seat, and it was expensive!

Both my kids preferred the swing- fisher price rain forest swing is small and doesn't take up a lot of room.

I loved my co-sleeper bassinet...it's basically a mini pack and play that you can put right next to your bed.

Medela Pump n' style breastpump is excellent.

Baby Einstein playmat is great


loved the Chicco High Chair on wheels, it's great to be able to wheel them around and it reclines.

lots of books!



answers from Albuquerque on

I don't know about the ergo, but I personally suggest a ringsling from sleepingbabyproductions. Lansinoh soothies and nursing pads are the best, lanolin is a must if you breastfeed. And for you, witchhazel pads will be your friend. Boppy, Aden and anais swaddler blankets or swaddlemes, tub kneeler (but I bet a garden kneeler would be cheaper), pajamas that can be undone from the bottom, whether by snaps or a gown, you don't want a naked baby for every middle of the night diaper change. At least a dozen burp cloths, a breast pump if you intent to breastfeed (a friend of mine named hers freedom). Playtex lil gripper straw cup for about 4 months old. I also second avoiding footie pajamas if possible, they outgrow them way too fast. Congrats on being a November mommy! And don't forget that even if your baby only using something every day for a month, it's still worth it if it makes your life easier.



answers from Tulsa on

If you're going to nurse, you can get an Itzbeen timer. I loved mine! It has a switch to show which breast you last nursed on so you don't have to worry about remembering or a safety pin on your bra, and 4 different timers (for feeding, sleeping, diapers, and whatever you want). I only used the feeding ones, so I'd know when to switch sides and then occasionally would use another timer for medications or anything else that had to happen in X hours.



answers from Atlanta on

This is something small...but Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. It is something you will use day one until they are 3! The swaddle blankets are made of a muslin material that is very breathable, but can also keep sunlight out and keep the baby warm when needed. It is great for a swaddle blanket, b/c it is bigger than the normal swaddle blanket so easier to use. It is also great for a cover when breast feeding. It is great as a cover over the stroller when the sun is too much. It is warm in the winter and yet so breathable. And, the more it is used/washed, the softer it becomes. Both my kids used their blankets for many years b/c of the softness. Go on their website to find a store location, as I'm not sure they are in the bigger retail baby stores.



answers from Detroit on

Going to agree with Grandma T after having had 6 kids my list went from the wants to:
And a good breast pump (or bottles if i was supplementing)
The rest was just more for me to clean or keep up with
Enjoy (i have 3 of the 6 born in nov)



answers from Miami on

I love "My Brest Friend." http://www.mybrestfriend.com/

For diaper rash: http://www.amazon.com/Boudreauxs-Butt-Paste-Diaper-Ointme...

Cloth diapers make really good burp cloths

I have 4 children....you realize how little you need and I'm trying hard to help out but you really need only the basics....babies sleep a lot and they grow very fast so don't worry about needing a lot...just the essentials and you'll do fine.

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