Wrap, Sling or Carrier???

Updated on August 01, 2009
A.M. asks from New Windsor, NY
4 answers

I'm starting my third trimester tomorrow and with a 4 1/2 year old running around I want to have a good, secure way to carry the baby for the first few months. What do you ladies recommend?!?! Keep in mind, my daughter was 9 lbs, 5 ounces so I expect this little guy to be "substantial" as well. : )

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answers from Buffalo on

you should if there's a store or breastfeeding center near you that can show you different carriers/slings. some people will come to your house and do this as well. do any of your friends have ones you can try once your baby is born? different people like different carriers.
personally, my husband and i carried our daughter in a moby wrap and kangaroo sling and now use our ergo (she's 18 months and we still carry her)


answers from Rochester on

With my second, I bought a Hotsling and it was a lifesaver. The one I purchased was not adjustable, was easy to use, and I even used it with my sitting upright on my hip once he was too heavy to wear in the cradle position. Many women like being able to use the adjustable wraps, but if this is your first time wearing, you might start with something non-adjustable. I also have a friend who uses a backpack carrier so she can chase her 3-year-old around better and the baby hangs out looking over her from behind. If you can borrow and try things out it might save you, but if not, the sling carriers are easy and comfy with the little ones, even just hanging around the house. I wore my little guy while running all over the playground equipment after my toddler and it is great at the grocery store. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I used a sling for the first few months, then a woven wrap and a home-made meitai, and now use a Becco Butterfly (DD is almost 3). All worked well for me. I like the Becco Butterfly a lot--it's easy to use and you can carry a small infant or a toddler in it without excessive strain on either the parent or child. I plan on using it from the start whenever we get around to having a second child.

I have also heard good things about the patapum, ergo, and pikkolo carriers.



answers from New York on

hi i'm pregnant with my fifth and i'm glad to help you.
my baby is due this winter!
well for my four kids i have used a baby sling in the first few months and then a Baby Bjorn... they're the best.
hope i can help!
P.S. a baby sling at first makes breastfeeding easier too, if you're doing it =]

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