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Updated on February 27, 2011
Z.M. asks from Plano, TX
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My baby was 4 weeks early so she was only 5lbs at birth. I also have a 3 year old so I need to have my hands free a lot of the time. Can anyone reccomend a sling carrier that you liked that would be safe for a small newborn? She's now approx 6 1/2lbs. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

My son was also 5lbs at birth. From then until now, I'm madly in love with my Baby K'Tan:

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answers from Bellingham on

The slings that were "recalled" are "Bag type" slings. Such as the "infatino sling rider". These kinds of slings make baby's body form a C-shape, where their chin is touching their chest, which restricts their airflow. For more info on safe baby wearing go to or

A good sling for a newborn would be a hotsling, or ringsling. But I prefer a wrap (like a mobywrap or baby k'tan) for newborns.

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answers from Spokane on

I used a Maya Wrap with my youngest daughter from the time she was a week old. She didn't even weight as much as your daughter does! I used it up until Kitty was about three and she didn't want to be carried anymore. Mine had an open end so I could throw it over my shoulder if she needed shielding from the sun, etc. I LOVED that sling, it was the best one I ever tried and trust me, I used a lot of them with my other kids. I got my hands on this one with my oldest daughter and never looked back. It no padding in the shoulder, more comfortable oddly enough, but because of that I was able to adjust it better so the sling was never too loose around her and she was supported in the proper position. As she got older, I was even able to use it to secure her to my back.



answers from Dallas on

I really like the Mobywrap or the Baby K'tan for newborns. They feel like they are swaddled and with the Mobywrap you can tie it as tight as you need to to feel secure. We have both of these carriers plus others at our store, Babies Bottoms and More, in Farmers Branch. We're open every Saturday from 1-4 and weekdays by appointment. You are more than welcome to stop by with your baby and try on all our carriers to find the one that will work best for you. For more info on our store hours and location you can call me at ###-###-#### or see our website at




answers from Dallas on

Moby Wraps are wonderful for newborns.

It will take a couple of attempts to learn how to wear it.

There is a DFW babywearing support group that can help you with any questions you have about babywearing. Here is their Facebook page.



answers from Dallas on

Be careful with them and I would probably not allow mine to fall asleep in one (or stay in it asleep). I did get one after my second boy was born this summer for your same reasons. I used the Slingling brand which looks like a Miss America sash at first --- it does have a tendency to dig into your shoulder after a while. I have also purchased a sling by Babyktan after he got bigger and I love it!!!


answers from Lewiston on

I used a sling I got from the Baby Depot from Burlington Coat Factory, it was called a Jellybean sling I think. You can go onto the BCF website and find it there I believe. It was comfortable and stylish, plus you can wear it a few different ways.



answers from Cumberland on

Please don't use any type of sling-I cannot believe they are still on the market-a lady was using one while shopping and it forced the infant's face forward onto his chest and he suffocated-by the time she got to her car to put him in the carseat, the baby was gone.



answers from Gainesville on

I second the Mayawrap! Literally a life-saver for me with my high needs preemie that needed to be held-a lot! You can very safely wear them in a variety of positions. They are *not* like the slings that were recalled. The mayawrap is highly adjustable to you can adjust the support baby gets. Loved mine. Used it for both my kids. Still use it sometimes with my 2.5 year old.



answers from Dallas on

I loved my Hot Sling but I was always VERY careful with it, and my newborn was 7lbs so quite a bit bigger (a lb is a BIG difference in a baby) so just be very careful/attentive and ENJOY using a sling. I wish I had used one when he was a newborn but didn't discover them until he was 4/5 months old (still good but wish I had it before:)



answers from Dallas on

Maya wrap, for sure! It was definitely NOT the carrier that was recalled! I loved it for my second born for the first few months, then I started using the Ergo, which I loved as well. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I LOVED my Baby K'Tan - would not have made it through the first nine months with out it!



answers from Dallas on

Moby wrap! (target, babiesrus, or online)



answers from Minneapolis on

I never used one of these.. but they do look cool.

Make sure you do your research b/c one of the slings was re-called (sorry - can't remember the name!!). I believe babies were suffocating in them. Do your research.



answers from Dallas on

I used a Moby wrap and really loved it, but you have to be smart about using it. This is the one that was recalled because babies were suffocating. :( I was always really paranoid about how smooshed my daughter was while in the wrap and I would periodically lift her face up or turn her face so her nose was facing open air and not against my skin.

When she got older, we switched to the Baby Bjorn Air. This was really comfortable for me and baby. And my hubby would use where he'd never wear the Moby. It was sooo much cooler than the Moby in our Texas heat, which was a big advantage.



answers from Philadelphia on

I love the Ergo carrier and highly recommend using it with the infant insert for little ones. I still use ours with our 28 lb, 22 month old son and love it. It's the best carrier I've used for distributing his weight to my hips so that I don't end up with back pain.

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