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Looking for a New Bank

M. asks from Chicago

Hi! Recently our bank (MidAmerica- who we loved) was bought out by National City (who we don't like). We are currently looking for a new bank but don't want to sw...


Looking for a New Bank with No Charges

M.L. asks from Kansas City

Long story short, the bank we use is closing so my husband and I need to find a new bank. We are looking for a bank that has free checking with interest, interest sav...


Depositing Coins from Your Piggy Bank?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Does your bank take your loose change & put it in a "counting machine" or do you have to roll it to deposit it? I called my bank & I have to roll it. I'm sta...


Looking for a New Bank.

J.M. asks from Dallas

We are in the process of looking for a new bank and wanted to hear if there were any that you really like or dislike. I would prefer a bigger chain or at least one w...


Washington Mutual Bank

R.J. asks from Dallas

I just recently opened an account with Washington Mutual Bank. Can anyone tell me anything about the type of service they've received or anyone that you know received...


Separate or Joint Bank Accounts

E.S. asks from New York

Quick survey here: Do you have a separate or joint bank account and why? DH and I have separate bank accounts. It's just something we've always done, no questions ...


Ever Bank Milk?

C.P. asks from San Francisco

I have a ton of extra breast milk and want to start selling it to a mm bank? Anyone ever done that? How do you do it? Where? I'd prefer to do it locally because I don...


I Need a New bank...Help...

H.V. asks from Cleveland

OK For the longest Time I had a Washington Mutual bank account. Obviously Chase took that over. Anyway, I'm a SAHM with No income coming in. My bank account was kind...


Searching for New Bank!!

A.N. asks from Dallas

We have been with BOA for the past couple of years and our experience with them just keeps getting worse. I finally moved my personal checking with a small bank and l...


Need a New Bank!

M.S. asks from Columbus

ARGH!! We have been with Usbank for many years. While we don't agree with the ATM fees and such, for the most part, we have been happy. Recently, we have had the ...