Depositing Coins from Your Piggy Bank?

Updated on October 22, 2011
❤.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
16 answers

Does your bank take your loose change & put it in a "counting machine" or do you have to roll
it to deposit it?

I called my bank & I have to roll it.

I'm starting the process . Ugh.

I did see something in a grocery store where you could put your loose
change into this "counter" machine. Then I "think" it spits out a ticket that you
have to redeem at their customer service counter.

Does this sound right?

Have you tried it?

How do you deposit your piggy bank savings?

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answers from Santa Barbara on

My daughter saves our change: our bank wont take that and the machine at the market (Coinstar) charges nearly 10% as a service charge. My daughter rolls them instead of using Coinstar...she won't give up the service charge (that could be iTunes songs!!!).

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answers from Seattle on

The machines take anywhere from 3 percent to 37 percent (of the ones I've seen), unless you use the cash to buy a card from one of their partners (which varies by location... can be starbucks or roblox or just about anyone who pays the surcharge for one of their cards to be issued). Around here... most charge 10%-15%

Myself... I gave my son all my pocket change for 2 years, and at the end of it, he had $400. With 10% being $40 and 15% being $60... that's not unsubstantial.

I'll roll.

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answers from St. Louis on

Never call your bank to find out if they roll. Just like you have no problem getting rid of phone solicitors they have no trouble telling you no over the phone. All banks have the machine to count loose change.

Well after saying that, one guess.... :p

The machines at the stores charge up to 40%. So say you have a hundred dollars you need to figure out what it is worth to not have to roll it.

Christine, I used to be a teller supervisor. If someone rolled it we took the account number and ran it through the machine anyway. I couldn't have tellers counting those damn rolls when we were busy. We had one couple put a peanut between their quarters. When we ran it it was 25 dollars short, god they were pissed when we took the money out of their account. :(

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answers from San Francisco on

The machine at the grocery store takes a percentage of your money (maybe 7 cents of every dollar?) and some grocery stores say the ticket you get HAS to be used in the store (not cash!). So kinda blows.

My bank also requires rolling. It's not as bad as I feared it would be, especially when I get the kids counting stacks too.

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answers from Honolulu on

We go to our grocery store. They have a coin machine, and then it gives you a receipt of how much money you got from your coins. You go to the counter and the store give you that in cash.

That is what we do.
The machine at our store does not take 40%.

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answers from New York on

I use the Coinstar machine at the supermarket. They do take a cut - like 9 cents on the dollar or something like that. I can use the receipt for groceries or take it up to the customer service desk for cash. I think they offer other options for getting credit without being charged, but I wasn't interested in any of those the last time I used the machine.

I figured the surcharge was worth it considering the amount of time it would take me to roll all my coins. However, I realized the last time I used the machine that it was probably really stupid to put quarters through. Those are easily rolled or just used as cash.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Our bank requires us to roll it too. We spent $20 on a small coin sorter that puts the change directly into the rolls. It saves a lot of time, and costs a lot less (over time) than we would pay at the machine at the grocery store. We've been saving our change for years, and we take it to the bank every year before we go on vacation for extra spending money. It's amazing how much you can save in a year this way.

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answers from Dallas on

The machines take a percentage of your money. You only get part of it. My bank takes them in bags, like Christine.

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answers from Austin on

We have to roll it too.
I used to have our daughter do it. good fine motor skills.. also gave her a set of those coin tubes with the wrappers, one year. She liked doing it.

Makes a good gift for the kids that like to save.

Now I just dump it at the store.. There is a percentage, but I do not want to sit and roll them myself.

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answers from Lakeland on

My daughter (well I) rolled up her coins before we moved to Florida. My bank didn't have a coin machine. The supermarket there had one but they charged 10 cents for every dollar. I figured it was cheaper to roll it. Next time I will pay the 10 cents she had over $200.00 in coins. It seems me and my hubby were putting change in her piggy banks.

I forgot to mention how heavy change gets, LOL.

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answers from Dallas on

You have to roll it at our banks.

I've seen the machines you talk about, but, they also take a percentage of your deposit.

When ours gets big enough to roll, we just do it and it gets deposited in daughters extra account.

We are coin collectors so we have rolls, etc on hand.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Some of our bank branches have a self service coin counter. If you are a customer you will get 100% of the proceeds. They just need to verify that you are an account holder. Not all of them have it though. I know if I look at my bank's website and look under branch locator they list it as one of the services they offer. Check and see if yours does the same.

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answers from New York on

Both my bank and my daughter's bank will not accept loose coins. It has to be rolled.

There's a machine in our grocery store, it will give you the money upfront (no ticket), but there's a 10% fee.

I've started to become one of those annoying customers and I'm spending my change, or I make my daughter. I sent her to the grocery store the other day for 3 items (total of about $5.00) with a small bag of change and had her go through the self check out.

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answers from Chicago on

see if your bank has another branch where they use a counting machine so you don't have to roll it.



answers from Los Angeles on

I took ours to the bank in a ziplock and the teller asked me how much I thought was in it. I told him and he said he thought it was more. So, he put the estimated amount in my account and after they had it counted, corrected the amount in my account.


answers from Kansas City on

can the post office not do this for you?

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