Need a New Bank!

Updated on January 22, 2011
M.S. asks from Cardington, OH
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ARGH!! We have been with Usbank for many years. While we don't agree with the ATM fees and such, for the most part, we have been happy.

Recently, we have had the bank make several mistakes with our accounts. Now, I realize that this has mostly to do with the local branch and they are willing to correct their mistakes. But, we are finding more reasons to switch. Now, they are charging us $10 every time they move money from our OVERDRAFT PROTECTION into the account it is associated with! That's what it's there for!! We have overdraft protection so that if we go over, we have money to cover it. Now, they are charging us 10 bucks a pop for it. Absolutely ridiculous . We would love to say that we manage our accounts to the dime and never have to transfer money, but that's sooo not reality. It can be as little as $1.50 over, and we will be charged $10. SO, I am wondering what bank chains you all use and if you like where you bank. Do you have ATM fees, are you charged for overdraft protection, or any other perks or problems you can mention? My husband wants to switch, but has been so busy, he hasn't had a chance to research other banks. We have most of the big chains near us, so any feedback from Chase, Huntington, Bank of America, etc would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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answers from Eugene on

I don't use Banks - I actually use a Credit Union. I have been so much happier with them than a Bank. I don't think you would have it there - I'm on the West Coast. My bank is call NorthWest Community Credit Union. The nice thing about Credit Unions even if you are in another state and there isn't the same credit union - go to an ATM to pull out cash as long as it has a certain logo on it - there are no fees. Plus I can go to any 7-11 without any penalties and use their ATM machines.

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answers from Boston on

Stay away from bank of America!

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answers from Washington DC on

We bank with USAA. They are amazing, helpfuly, always give fees back if you can explain why something didnt go through, etc. I have only ever spoken to ONE rude person in almost 28 years with them. So that's saying something. We do not have a local branch, so we have a local bank for cashing checks and such, but do all of our banking with USAA.



answers from Indianapolis on

Check local credit unions. I've found them to be VERY helpful, customer friendly, etc. I'm in Indiana so I don't know what credit unions are in your area, but I've NEVER regretted switching from bank to credit union.



answers from Cleveland on

Well, I will say I am a huge fan of Chase. I am employed there but I also really like their banks and online banking. They are all across the US so its very convienent if you travel. Of course the best thing is not to overdrawl but it happens and unfortunately every bank has fees associated with that happening. CU's have terrible hours so you have to look at conveinence as well. Good luck.!!



answers from Cleveland on

I bank with PNC and am very satisifed; personally and with nearly 50 business accounts. Personally, we use the Points that accumulate based on purchases (the past two christmas's we exchanged our points for $100 visas). However, the Overdraft Protection is pretty standard. The bank is going to charge you for saving you from paying NSF to the vendors you are paying and in addition ot Overdraft Charges the bank would normally charge. Honestly, I can't beleive you are casual with even going $1.50 overdrawn. With PNC, i get an email (or text) when my account reaches a certain balance, and for me i have it set at $40. In addition, PNC does not charge me for non-PNC atm fees (the other bank may, but PNC doesn't add on a charge as well). Also, they do not charge me any additional fees; and checks are free. You may even qualify for a $100 gift card or something for switching to them. Another mom commented on how long it takes checks to clear - it is almost intsantaneious for us. Especially with today's electronic checks, some clear within 3 days (including mail time).



answers from Chicago on

You only get charged $10/overdraft? We got charged $35 by chase so we told them we didn't want overdraft protection...and we don't allow our account to get so low that it is an issue anymore. I hear credit unions are better because they don't have to follow the same rules as banks.



answers from Cincinnati on

If you can find a good credit union, that is the best! But, all CUs are not the same. The one's I had in NM and CA were AWESOME. The one we joined in Cincy was about the same as a bank in terms of fees. So, now we use a Fifth Third because it is most convenient and the CU was too far when I changed jobs. I'm not really recommending 5/3, since it charges us the same to move money from one account to another for overdraft. I agree with you, if you have it in place, they shouldn't charge you. Oh, and I don't know about USBank, but 5/3 has a graduated fee. I'm not sure how much it goes up to, but the fees get higher as the number of ODs occur. But, our bank manager is great, and the other folks have always been as helpful as they could be as well. If you PM me, I may have a form that I can email you to use when calling to compare banks. Most banks have different products, and you have to be very precise in asking what you want. It's sales like everything else and bank employees get bonuses for opening so many of the "account of the month."



answers from Cleveland on

This seems to be a common problem--the local branch is full of wonderful people and the guys in the tall buildings are figuring out a way everyday to take advantage of customers. We recently got a notice in the mail that 5/3 had to pay a penalty because they were accused of "rearranging" checks and deposits so they could "maximize" their charges. They, however, did not admit to doing anything wrong...I also have a savings account that pays 3 cents interest per month for a thousand dollars--one overdraft and that is how many years of interest? So instead I put the money in my checking account, but, using my checkbook, don't show it. Stop looking at your balance online--keep your checkbook balanced and up to date, with some money in reserve.



answers from Chicago on

We use HSBC and Citibank. They are the world leading banking institutions. I do not recall paying a fee for any service for all the years we've been with them. We do have a lot of rewards and checks are free.



answers from Cleveland on

my boyfriends family went from us bank to lorain national. there is not one in strongsville or columbia station but there are some in elyria north ridgevilel lorain avon avonlake westlake



answers from Columbus on

I'd highly recommend a credit union. You'll have to research the ones in your area and find one that you can join. They are soooooo much better than banks!! They usually have low or no fees.



answers from Huntsville on

We use Redstone Federal Credit Union (only in Alabama area). I would look at your local Credit Unions. Ours charges $3 to transfer money for overdraft protection. This hurt when there was only a penny available (interest on my minimum $5 AND then that wasn't enough so they charged for insufficient funds! haha So now I keep more money in that savings account... oops :)

We also recently started using USAA. We've had our car insurance through them, and my husband got a checking account with them before he deployed a few months ago. I just opened my checking account with them a few days ago.

And I also have an ING Direct account. Savings & checking. I use it for saving, but if I transfer $$ from savings to the checking, I can immediately withdraw it with my debit card. No ATM fees if you go to specific ATMs on their list.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi : )
We switched from fifth third to Huntington nine years ago. We have been very happy with them ever since. I don't use an ATM very often and try to stop at the bank when I do, so I am not aware of charges. Our bank doesn't charge me when I stop there.

They also just started this wonderful 24 hour grace period for overdrafts. We have 24 hours from the time we overdraw the account to get the money back in there, and then we are charged NOTHING.

I try very hard not to overdraw the account but my husband works a lot and I am busy with four kids, and things DO get overlooked so I really appreciate the new grace period. In the past they were always pretty understanding about the fees and if we would call them , they would almost always take them off for us. They have wonderful customer service.

Hope this helps, good luck!




answers from New York on

We use the following banks in no particular order:

Bank of America
TD Bank
ING Direct
A local bank

We are very happy with all our banks. Understand that banking regulations have changed so you really do need to shop around for the best bank for you. I make it a point to only use my bank for ATM withdrawls to avoid those fees. I hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

We currently use PNC. They are ok. Their online banking is simple. My biggest problem with them is how long it takes checks to clear. But they have a really great rewards program. We used to be with Chase. They don't have a great rewards program but loved the online banking and checks cleared and were available really fast (we had to switch for financial reasons). Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

We use Bank of America with our personal and business accounts.

We have never paid any monthly fees for anything, we don't have any issue with overdraft becuase that is just how we are with our money...there is no issue with overdraft, money is in the bank.

We have the ADvantage account for personal and business and have always had great service. We've used them since the late 1980's.

I can't fault BOA for anything.. We are happy customers.

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