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No Fee Bank with Decent Service

L.K. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I are moving to Overland Park, 66224, next week. Does anyone know of a bank that has no fees for a checking account with no minimum balance requiremen...


Switching from Bank of America

B.R. asks from Naples

My husband has had it with Bank of America and the fees. We have a mortgage, equity line, savings, money market, two checking accounts, three business checking accou...


Bank Account for Kids

M.M. asks from Tampa

I would like to set up a savings account for each of my children. I am looking for a bank that has child friendly type of savings account. I want to teach them the ...


Milk Bank in Austin

W.W. asks from Austin

I have been thinking about donating my extra breast milk that I am producing and was wondering if anyone out there knew anything about the milk bank here in Austin. ...


Bank Statements -Online

K.K. asks from San Diego

my husband left his bank statements visible on the computer, online, before going to bed.I guess he forgot to log out. I don't snoop around but while i was waiting f...


Online Bank Accounts

C.M. asks from Chicago

I am looking to open an online bank account for savings so that I can benefit from the higher interest rates. Has anyone had any experience with online banking? I'm...


Overdraft Bank Question

K.C. asks from Texarkana

Hello Ladies im hoping someone can answer this for me r possibly work at a bank and know for sure. So my bank has $300 overdraft protection which i always go into wit...


Son's Friend in Piggy Bank

L.B. asks from Detroit

We have had an issue with a friend of my son recently. The friend and his family just moved across the street from us. The friend and my son are the same age and li...


How Hard Is It to Apply for a Small Loan at the Bank?

L.D. asks from Dallas

So I was wanting to to go to the bank to apply for a small loan to have a tubal reversal.I only have a car debt and that's it.Credit score is about 800. I guess I'm ...


Looking for FDIC Bank with Good Rates

M.H. asks from Chicago

I'm looking to open an account at a FDIC bank with good interest rates and customer service, I want to do a CD account, any suggestions, Thanks