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Looking for a New Bank--family Friendly!

J.E. asks from Minneapolis

I know it's not exactly a child rearing question, but more of a family financial health (and my sanity!) question. I'm looking to switch banks, as the bank I've been...


Bank Account for 6 Year Old?

A.K. asks from Denver

I would like to open a bank account for my six year old son. We already have a 529 that we already contribute to regularly. I am thinking more of a savings account ...


Joint Bank Account with Husband Has Levy Hold

K.B. asks from San Francisco

Today i went into the bank to make a withdrawal and was told there was a levy hold (child support), though my husband name is on the account he has never used his sha...


Bank Error

T.N. asks from Houston

I made a withdrawl from my account inside the branch on Friday and it is still showing as being available in my account as of today... What do you do? Isn't that high...


Regions Bank

T.L. asks from St. Louis

We just got notice that our "FREE" checking account is no longer free. If we do not have a direct deposit that totals $1000 per month we have a $10 monthly fee. If ...



S.J. asks from St. Louis

I have a FOREIGN EXCHANGE DR XXXXX4382 charge posted to my account. Minimal amount, but I have no idea what it is and neither does my bank. I also have a minimal c...


Where Can I Find a Jumbo Piggy Bank?

V.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies! I'm hoping that somebody might be able to help me on this one. Five yrs ago, my mother-in-law bought a jumbo piggy bank from Crayola when I had my first ch...


18 Yr/old Stepson Overdrew His Bank Account...

K.I. asks from Spokane

Hello, My question is what would an appropriate consequence to my kid overdrawing his bank account be? He moved in with us when he turned 18 and opened up his firs...


Seeking a New Bank in Joliet with Minimal Fees!

C.S. asks from Chicago

I am pretty fed up with my current bank, TCF, and I'm looking for recommendations for a new bank with branches in Joliet. We used to shop at Jewel and that, plus the ...


Regions Bank, Has Anyone Had to Make a Payment Through Them> Feed Back Please

C.B. asks from Dallas

Hi I recently purchased a new car. My car payment is through Regions bank. I am not very happy with the fact that I am not able to make an online payment to pay my ca...