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I Need a GOOD Haircut That Won't Break My Bank in the Renton/Kent Area

A.M. asks from Seattle

I need a really good hair cut. I went to one place and she did a great job, but it cost me $50 for the hair cut. I cannot afford that much each time. Does any one ...


Tomboy Mom in Search of Girly Party Ideas

C.J. asks from San Francisco

Hi everyone, My daughter is turning 4 and is a girly-girl (i'm not). Looking for ideas for a small party/outing (4-5 girls) but don't want to break the bank doing it.


Advice Needed for Barbecuing Meat

S.K. asks from Seattle

In the past, we have only barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs, but this summer, we would like to expand our meal ideas for the grill. My questions are what kind of ste...


Gluten Free Husband

N.C. asks from Washington DC

My husband was recently diagnosed wtih ciliac disease. I have been doing a ton of research on it and we've been discovering all the things he CAN'T eat. I know ther...


Discount Airline Tickets for Kids?

S.T. asks from Seattle

Just wondering if anyone knows of any airlines that offer discount tickets for kids traveling... My son is 2 now so we have to buy him a ticket and all family lives o...


Discount Groceries

P.J. asks from Phoenix

I'm looking for discount/outlet grocery stores in the Glendale area. I'm new to the area and on a very fixed income.


Has Any One Signed up for Upromise

S.W. asks from Bellingham

Has any one signed up for UPromise to help save for college? Is this a good thing to start? What are the downsides with UPromise?


Letting a Stranger Use Your Membership Card at a Gas Station of a Big Box Store

J.P. asks from Houston

Is there any reason not to? Scam? She said she left her membership card at home. Any harm? Only members can pump gas to get a break in price Thanks I looked a...


Anyone Made Stepping Stones?

D.D. asks from New York

I have my grandkids several weeks this summer while their parents work. I was thinking of projects we could do and one of them was making stepping stones to put in th...


Reptile Birthday

A.D. asks from Portland

Hello there, Has anyone ever thrown a reptile birthday party? I am not the best planner and I want her birthday to go smooth. Any suggestions would be great. The ...