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Updated on October 07, 2013
G.T. asks from Canton, MA
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Hi there. Does anyone know how to print out a copy of a cancelled check from online banking? I used to be able to do it, and can't now. I can't even find the option anymore. I go through help, and when I click on the check topic I am looking for - it brings me to a different help topic. I am SO annoyed. I do NOT feel like dragging my 2 kids to the bank to wait in line to get a copy of a check when I should be able to do it right here from my PC. I know the check #, and even when I check my online statement, there is no copy of the check!
anyone? Tx in advance!

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answers from Honolulu on

I would call their customer service, per the phone number on their website, and ask them.
It could be that they have a glitch on their system.

But they can walk you through it.

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answers from New York on

The online statements only go back a few months. If the check is older than the months shown online, you have to order a copy of it (can order over the phone). Do NOT waste your time standing in line, just call the Customer Service number tomorrow.

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answers from Chicago on

On my bank account website if you have your account screen open you should be able to click on the check number. It will say please wait while we retrieve that image. The front of the check will pop up. If I scroll down it will show me back also. That way you can print one sheet that shows the front and back of the check. Are you sure the check had cleared your account? Another thought.... if it has been a long time they may not have copies online anymore.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Can you call a 24 hour help line for them? If so,there should be one listed on the website.

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answers from Fort Myers on

If the check is not on your statement, are you sure it cleared your bank ?? My bank will let me put in dates that I need to check for a transaction. Call your banks automated phone line & put in the check number. This will tell you "when" it cleared. That will help with everything you need. Good luck.



answers from Houston on

Right now, mine is telling me that images aren't available. When I have online issues, it's usually quicker--and more private, since I can't close the door around here--to do an online chat. If you can call, go ahead and do that.


answers from Philadelphia on

It has been forever since I wrote a check there but I believe you click the link from the transaction. So you look at the date the check cleared. Next to that there is a link, not sure if it is the check number or what because I don't write checks, click that and then on the bottom there is a print transaction details link. Done.

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