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M.F. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for some unique (but not WEIRD) baby GIRL names. Any suggestions? I like Quinn, but I have a friend that just named her baby it would b...



T.T. asks from Richmond

Can anyone from this loving site suggest beautiful first names for my upcoming niece? I`d love to hear from all of the members if given the chance. Thank you very mu...



J.S. asks from Dallas

So I know I'm pre-planning a bit but I need name help. We have two awesome sons, Trenton James (James is my hubbys first name)is 4 and Jackson Timothy (Jack is hubbys...


Names Again

K.W. asks from Cumberland

I dont like the name Allison anymore hehe lol. Heres a poll for you all to help me out... Baby boy name Poll: (I am certain I want the name Isaiah, just not su...



G.G. asks from Chicago

We are seriously considering Luke or Lucas/Lukas for a boys name. We would name his Lucas or Lukas. My husband likes one spelling and I like the other. The thought o...


Baby Names

F.W. asks from Philadelphia

I need to come up with some suggestion for baby names. I have to son's Asa and Aidan. I need some girl names that might fit. Or even boy suggestion if possible. I ...


Baby Names

J.K. asks from Fayetteville

Does anyone have any ideas for neat or interesting baby names? Both male or female as the sex of the baby is not known as of yet.


Baby Names...=-)

J.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone, My sister just announced she's 12 weeks pregant( I'm sooo excited). Can you ladies please give us some helping choosing baby names? I would love ...