Down to Two Baby Names- up for Debate.

Updated on March 23, 2012
M.K. asks from Warrensburg, MO
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I should start off by saying on my husband's side of the family all of the grandchildren (6, soon to be 7) start with A. I have three boys (Aidan, Avery and Ashton) and I am due soon with our first and only girl (I am soooo done!).

Here's my dilema: I don't know if I want to stick with A names for the sake of conformity or switch it up to honor both families. If it stays an A name, it will be Autumn Mckenzie (my MIL wanted Adelia, like Sedelia for those who live in MO and that's just not happening). If not, it will be Taylor Rose which is both gma's maiden names, something that only my husband and I can give them because his brother is a POS and would never think of or even care to carry on family names and I don't think my brother is EVER going to have kids!

So....what are the pro's and con's of both? If you were the only one out of 7 who was different, would you feel special or slighted, like 'what is wrong with me that I didn't get an A name' ? If it was your sibling/family member would you feel that mom/dad thought the baby sister was more special for going outside the family box, so to speak?

Which name would YOU pick? I am sooooo indecisive!

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So What Happened?

Wow! Thanks so much!

Just to clear up, she is my first girl and the first granddaughter on my side but grandaughter number 3 on my husbands side. I actually really liked Adalai (add-uh-lay) but since there is already an "addy" (addison) we chose not to have another one.

I am now doublely confused in a good way because I am actually stunned so many of you like Adelia. My husband and I just thought it was so 'old' sounding, and it is! Coincidently, it is a great, great, somewhere down the line grandma on my husbands side who was married in May (when I'm due) so my MIL thinks its a sign. So much for NOT considering it! Maybe Adelia Sue (or Marie).....

Just because it's interesting.....we named Ashton and two weeks later bought a house on Ash Drive. We had considered Aspyn, but the main road to our new sub-division is Aspen, and just a small part of not really considering (at the time) Adelia was because we used to live so close to Sedalia! What a coincidence!

Thank goodness I have 9 more weeks to figure this out!


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answers from Biloxi on

I like Adelia Rose :)
How about Adelia Taylor Rose lastname, or Adelia Rose Taylor lastname.
My son has two middle names because I wanted him to share his father's middle name and honor a close friend.

I think skipping the A pattern for a girl, and naming her after her gmas will have her feel that her name is extra special.

They are all lovely names that you have chosen.

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answers from New York on

Hmmm..I love both sets of names.

Can you just stick with both sets and decides when she comes? Sometimes babies can "look" like a certain name, as opposed to another.

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answers from Seattle on

Taylor Rose.

In a heartbeat.

Don't know why... it just "feels right".

In my family we have a tradition of 2 middle names; one from each side of the family and a first name that is all their own. But, for whatever reason, while I usually suggest that... Taylor Rose stands alone. I wouldn't bump them to middle names.

Taylor Rose


I would avoid Autumn Rose... it's like Candy Kane, or other cutsie version names

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answers from Iowa City on

I like Autumn much better than Taylor. That being said, I named my daughters after my grandfather and my dad so I understand wanting to name after family members. I could definitely see your family members and/or sons feeling that you are *specializing* the baby by naming her Taylor.

How about Autumn Taylor Rose ______________?

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answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't pick Taylor for a girls name (I know too many boys with that name).
I've heard of Autumn as a name but it sounds a bit seasonal.
What were the gramd mothers first/middle names?

Ann (Anne, Anna, Annie)
Abigail (Abby)
There are a lot of great A names!

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answers from Spokane on

I love the name Autumn.

I do think she would feel a little left out if she was the only child in the family without an A name.

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answers from Houston on

I think either choice is going to be great.

I don't think she will feel slighted for not having an A name.

Autumn Taylor Rose... I like it.

Have your two names ready, adn when you see your precious girl, pick the one that just fits her.

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answers from Hartford on

I would love Adella Rose. Adelia sounds a bit whiny, and Taylor is still a male name and will just blend in with her older brother's name. Same with McKenzie. McKenzie means "son of Kenneth." Taylor/Tailor is a trade name... someone who sews and tailors clothes.

You have a chance to use a feminine name so I'd take it. :-)

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answers from Jacksonville on

My first feeling was that I like Autumn Rose.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Going by the names alone and not the tradition... I like Taylor Rose better. Plus both g-mas would LOVE it! I named my son Oliver James. My grandpa's name is Oliver and my dad's name is James. They were both so thrilled and so proud. My grandpa carries and picture of little Ollie around with him everywhere and shows him off and tells everyone about how he is named after him.

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answers from Columbia on

I like all the names. I have a friend from college named Adelia as well. She's Italian, gorgeous and we all called her Del. It's a beautiful name too. :) I think that I would stick with an A name since all the kiddos already have one. She's already different because she is the only girl in the house (except you), having an A name would help her feel more part of the pack, I think. Regardless, you've got a lot of great names here! Good luck!


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answers from San Francisco on

Go with the A name---- She will feel slighted if you choose another letter! I love Adelia. Very pretty! Good luck.


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answers from Atlanta on

I would go with whichever name you like better. We had that issue with our 4th.

We already had J, K, L, M, N in the family. All of the kids (L, M, N) are two syllable names ending in the -an/-en sound. Owen would have just fit in the natural progression of it and fit the unintentional pattern. However, we liked the name "Alex" better and just went with that.

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answers from Dallas on

I really like both, and understand your dilemma. I will admit, I'm a sucker for names with meaning, and "Taylor Rose" being both grandmas, really touches me. Plus, it sounds great together. I suggest, just wait until your bundle of joy comes, look at her, call her by both names, one will match her right off the bat...

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answers from New York on

i like autumn.. u can just give her 2 middle names and use rose and taylor

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answers from Roanoke on

All pros and cons of having an A name aside, I love the name Autumn Mckenzie! I know too many Taylor's, but very few Autumn's. Good luck and congrats!

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answers from Kansas City on

I say that you wait until you see her beautiful face and decide which one she looks like to you. If that still does not work put the two sets of names in a hat and draw the name. In my opinion you can't go wrong with either name. They are both beautiful names! I think that if the family does not make a big deal of her name not starting with "A" she will not feel different. I think it would make her feel special especially if she is the only grand-daughter.
Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!

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answers from Springfield on

My mom and older sister both have Sue as a middle name, my aunt and cousin as well. When I was little I was upset that my middle name wasn't Sue too. (I actually called myself Sissy Sue). My first initial is A and I married a man whose last name started with S...I'm so glad my middle name wasn't Sue! (You might want to keep that in mind if you're thinking about Adelia Sue.) :) Best of luck to you!

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm partial to "A" names. All three of my girls start with "A".

I like Adelia and Autumn. I think either would be nice names.

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answers from Muncie on

Adele or Adeline Taylor Rose?

No law saying a child can only have 3 names.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I love the name questions so gotta put my two cents in...out of the ones you've narrowed it down to I like:

Autumn but I would do Autumn Rose instead (I know SO many McKenzie's and if she ever decided to go by her middle name...)
Adelia is ok too and I would go with Adelia Rose as well. There just might be some pronunciation issues for some people.
I would personally stay away from Taylor because it's a unisex name. I've been in Human Resources too long-I like to know if I am contacting a male or female when I call someone!

All the Best and Congrats on having a girl!

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answers from Madison on

Well if I were to pick one of the two names regardless of the history it would be Autumn, "taylor is not a girls least to me"
But at the same time my Cousin just named her last son (fifth boy) Crazy! After my Dad's family's last name since we have no-one to carry on the name...and that was pretty awesome!

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answers from Dallas on

Love Taylor but I like the "a" thing. I would stick with that. I like adelia (Addie for short). I think adelia rose is lovely! A girl I went to school with named her daughter adeleine. I didn't like it at first but its grown on me! That's my 2 cents. Let us know!

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answers from Detroit on

Not because of the "A" names, but I think Autumn McKenzie is just
a beautiful name. Have not personally heard that combination before
and I really liked it when I read it here!!

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answers from Tucson on

I prefer Autumn Mckenzie. I do have one with the middle name Rose. I like Autumn Rose, but if someone would be offended you didnt use both gma's names, then don't.

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answers from Louisville on

My ex's family - boys all initial C.J. ... the girl is P.A.

she might feel real special with gma's names!!
tho I do like your Autumn McKenzie as well...

(sorry for those that kept using the Adelia - you stated you were NOT going to go there!)

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answers from Kansas City on

Wow, looks like you have lots of responses! This is a tough one just because of have reasoning for both sides. I think either way, you'll have a great story to tell, either why or why not. Don't know if anyone has suggested this, but would you consider Autumn Taylor Rose? This way she has an "A" name and both Grandmother's names. And that would be a great story to tell! Good luck, interested to see what others say.

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answers from Boca Raton on

LOVE Autumn Mckenzie!!!!!! I would stick with A's... CONGRATS!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Both names are great - you're indecisive because you can't go wrong with either one! Personally, I like 'Autumn Rose'.

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Hi! I only have two, one has my deceased father's name for a middle name, the other has my husband's grandmother's name (also deceased) for a middle name. Each of their first names are theirs and theirs only. My daughter loves when family members tell her she is a hellion just like her great grandma was. I love the family connection and I'll bet your grandmas would be tickled to have their names used. I think you may be over thinking what people will say and your reasoning certainly answers any questions they may have. Oh, and I love Taylor Rose...

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answers from Kansas City on

You didn't want Adelia you said but I personally don't care for Autumn, I know most do. I do like Taylor Rose for the last names of grandmothers. Anybody heard of Taylor Swift? Yes, we think of it as boys name but Taylor Swift is all girl and very popular. I like that name best I guess. I do like Adelia though too. With Taylor Rose you get a popular name plus a very soft girl name with Rose.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I really like the name Autumn! Autumn Rose really sounds nice per Amanda C.

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answers from Seattle on

Geez..That's a hard one! I'd lean more on the side of why am I the only one without an a name? But then again she's the only girl. I personally like Adelia, and a names in general. Taylor rose is pretty though, but you could also use them both as middle names. I like Ava, Amelia, Amelie, Anna, Annabelle, acelyn, adrienne, Ada, allison/Allyson, amirah, avery, adeline/adelyn, Ashlyn, Alice, ashley, Audra, Audrey, Aubrey.. If you use mackenzie I prefer it with the a rather than mck, too confusing and more like a last name. Congrats!

Okay and now I like aspen! But spelled normal not with a y, too much room for error with spelling and pronunciation.

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answers from Dover on

My first thought is, is she the only granddaughter? or just your only daughter? It doesn't really matter because you could go with "the tradition is only the boys" or "only our boys". being the only girl allowed us to name you after both grandparents rather than just going w/ one side's tradition.

My next thought is, whose decision/idea was it that all the kids have "A" names...was the kids all A and decided to do the same with their kids? Did it just happen because you happen to like the names? If the conscience decision was that all grandkids would be "A" names and the decision was made by the parents (not the grandparents) I would be more inclined to continue it.

Bottom line and your hubby get to pick your kids' names...not your parents or siblings or even traditions that someone else came up with. YOU and your hubby need to like and be ok w/ your decision even if no one else likes it or agrees.

Either name is fine but I like picking our own names better than naming a child after or with certain letters, etc. I like Cheyenne Nicole.

**just wanted to add that Taylor IS very much a girl's name...Tyler would be a boy's name.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well...sorry to throw a wrench late in the party, but I was watching a movie and the female lead was named Anais and I think that is SO pretty!
Anais Mckenzie?

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