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Updated on March 27, 2012
T.C. asks from Santa Ana, CA
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what are cute boy names

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answers from Houston on

I always thought Tony was a cute we went with Anthony Vincent(for my favorite artist....VanGogh) and it fit together real well....I don't like all the weird spelling of names nowadays...only gives the kids grief over their lifetime.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I like Andy, Grady, Kaden, Pax, Max, Lincoln, Sully, Henry, Samuel, Asher, Leo, Warren, and Brian. :)

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answers from Pocatello on

we are having a boy in 2 weeks and we think we are going with the name Sawyer...we like that one the most. Also on our list was Dean, Graham, and Wyatt. Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

I have a Theodore Aiden Fisher, so I as you can see I couldn't pick a name. I actually say wait until you meet the little guy and then pick a name. I chose the name Theodore and my husband chose Aiden because he thought that was what our baby looked like. Fisher was my Grandma's maiden name. I wanted him to have a family name so I chose the Theodore after my favorite uncle and my great uncle he was named after. I think kids should have family names so that they feel like they matter and belong. Does anyone in your family have a name you could use? Or one that you like? I know it is very hard to pick a name, but you will chose the right one for you little kiddo! Have faith mama!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Personally I don't like any names that are used for both boys and girls (even if spelt differently). I also hate names like Blanket! I agree that you should take your surname into consideration and pick a name that doesn't sound strange with it. Also, if your surname is something like Bird avoid any name starting with A cos otherwise little kids will keep calling him "a bird" (honestly, this happens!). For the same reason try and avoid initials which end up spelling something bad (eg. in my primary school we had a little girl called Vivienne Dart who was mortified when everyone started calling her "VD" (venereal disease!!). I'm telling you, kids can be really mean!

That said, I also agree that sometimes you just "know" what your child's name is and none of the above means anything! :)

My husband's second name is Antonio (Anthony) and I like that name. I also like Alexander (Alessandro in Italian) but I probably only like those names so much cos I LOVE the man whose names they are! :) I gave my son Alexander as a second name cos I also don't like father and son having the same first name / nickname.

Whatever you and your hubby decide on will be just right! Good luck with everything.

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answers from New York on

im into simple/common names for boys- christopher michael anthony daniel robert james john andrew adam

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answers from San Luis Obispo on

Trevor, Zachary, Trent, Daniel, Seth, Kyle, Benjamin, Calahan

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answers from Detroit on

I have a Matthew James. <3

Matthew means "gift of God"

James, after my dad means "strong"

Either way, it should mean something to YOU. :)

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answers from Seattle on

Depends on your last name which sounds right! I like Andrew, drew, Aidan, Brandon, Brendan, Blake, brady, brody, Corey, Charles, Dylan, Emmett, Gabriel, hayden, Isaac, jake, Jacob, Joseph, kellan, Leland, Landon, Michael, max, maxwell, Matthew, nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Oliver, Preston, Ryan, Robert, Sam, Vincent, William.

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answers from New York on

I like older, classic names that you don't really hear often. I like James, Edward, William, Grant, Henry, Kyle, Kurt, and Dean. I do not like anything in the top 10 except Alexander but that is getting to popular. I also prefer to go with the actual name and not a nickname. There are enough Micheals, Christophers, and Matthews out there. Same for Aiden and anything that rhymes with it.

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answers from New York on

I like Miles, Max, Craig and Cory

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answers from St. Louis on

I have an Andrew or Andy. I swear every Andy I know, including my son, is pure mischief. :)



answers from Los Angeles on

My three boys are Thomas, Henry and Grady....



answers from Colorado Springs on

I like a lot of the names mentioned. But I also like names like:
Justice, Honor, Courage, Providence, Knox, Calvin


answers from Kansas City on

I like Liam, Noah, Mark, Adam, Eben, Christopher...


answers from Dover on

Matthew James
Matthew Charles
Michael Andrew


answers from Chicago on

My two favorites are: Joshua, Jacob, Brendan, Zachary, Aidan, Ethan, Ian, Andrew, Evan, Owen, Connor, Collin, Caden, Jaden, Caleb



answers from Norfolk on

We have Dylan, Connor, Peyton and Sean. All Irish names at hubbys request. :) But I also like Cole, Aiden, Brayden, and Rian (ryan). They were also on our list. :)



answers from Los Angeles on

those are my favs



answers from Los Angeles on

August. Like August Rush? :)

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