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Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

Two weeks ago my family moved to a new state. We have only had a chance to meet a couple of our neighbors. One of which invited us to her 5 year old daughter's birthday this coming weekend. She thought it would be a great chance for us to meet the other neighbors. The birthday is a come and go as you please party in their yard. They will also be inviting other neighbors from the surrounding few blocks. I also think this is a great opportunity to become part of our new neighborhood. I have only one child, a 22 month old son, so I have...


Names for Are Baby!

*EDIT*So I am currently 3 months in and we need want baby names for a...

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5 Year Old Making Me Crazy. Is This Normal?

I'm really having a hard time with my 5 year old. I know a lot of it has to do with me, because I'm so stretched thin right now. My husband works ALL the time and I have to get kids ready, off to school, then work, pick up, evening routine. . . .cleaning etc etc with very little help and I'm frazzled. He seems to not be able to play alone lately. I get him going on a game or a video or something and try to sneak off and get some laundry done but then 5 minutes later he's calling for me. . .I got him a video earlier today, then he...


Boy Baby Names

I am trying to come up with some different baby names for a boy. I don't...


Baby Boy Names

We are expecting #2 in May and are having a hard time coming up with a name...


Names for Are Baby!

*EDIT*So I am currently 3 months in and we need want baby names for a...


Need Baby Boy Names

My sister and her husband are expecting a baby boy in May. They are having a...

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Baby Girl Names

So my husband and I are expecting our second baby in about 3 weeks...and it's a girl this time. We really like two different names, so I'd like your opinion...AND if anyone has any good girl names that are not so common or 'different' or unique I'd love any other ideas you may have. So the two names we are thinking of are: Kayla, although I really don't want to spell it that way. I want to spell it Kaela just because it's different and the name Meira (mirror-a). I THINK we are going to use my sisters name as a middle name, which is...


Italian Girl Names

Good morning...does anyone have a couple of beautiful italian baby girl...