Baby Names: Infant

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what are cute boy names


Baby Names

Does anyone have any ideas for neat or interesting baby names? Both male or...


Names for Are Baby!

*EDIT*So I am currently 3 months in and we need want baby names for a...


Names Again

I dont like the name Allison anymore hehe lol. Heres a poll for you all...


Boys Names

Hi moms, I need help with boys names. We have a few girls names picked...

Boy Names

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what are cute boy names


Boy Names...

As my boyfriend and I are getting down to the last few weeks of deciding...


Boy Baby Names

I am trying to come up with some different baby names for a boy. I don't...


Baby Boy Names

We are expecting #2 in May and are having a hard time coming up with a name...


Baby Names

I need to come up with some suggestion for baby names. I have to son's Asa...

By Origin

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Baby Name Again

I'm still struggling to pick a name for my daughter that is due in about 6 weeks! Hubby is set on Sive (pronounced like Five but with an S). I've even called my baby this a few times. The thing is, everyone around me hates the name. My first reaction wasn't posivitive either, but I've grown to like it. It means sweetness or goodness. Yet, there is something harsh about it. He also insists we use the traditional spelling. Ready for this? Sadhbh! My first choice would be Niahm (nee-ve), but this is my SIL's name, and we don't like her...


How to Name a Baby?

My husband and I have major problems when it comes to picking a name for our...


What's in a Name?

I feel as if I were pregnant at the same time as my sister, had chosen the...


Baby Name

My husband and I are thinking of naming our daughter Rubey, but I am having...

Girl Names

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Girl Names

Any good old fashioned girl names you can think of ? I don't know what I am having yet (my second). I have a boys name but can not think of a girls. Wow I wasn't expecting so many guys are great..someone asked my daughter's name..she is Aaliyah Michele....if I do have another girl we know her middle name will be Suzanne after my late mother-in-law...just have to pick the first name now... Thanks M.


Baby Girl Names

So my husband and I are expecting our second baby in about 3 weeks...and it...


Italian Girl Names

Good morning...does anyone have a couple of beautiful italian baby girl...

Meaning of Names

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Names and Meanings....

I was just wondering if most people name their children by names that they like or if they actually look at the meanings and origins. I love finding out what names mean. My daughter's name is Myracle Gianna (Miracle Gee-on-ah).. it means: Myracle: an unexpected event attributed to divine intervention/a divine act; Giana: God is gracious. I thought it was beautiful put together. What do your kids names mean?? Or do you just name by what sounds good together? And if you do name by what sounds good, are you interested in what they mean...


Baby Names

So it has been 10 years since I last gave birth and so many things have...



I am looking for some unique (but not WEIRD) baby GIRL names. Any...