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Updated on March 11, 2011
J.S. asks from Denton, TX
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So I know I'm pre-planning a bit but I need name help. We have two awesome sons, Trenton James (James is my hubbys first name)is 4 and Jackson Timothy (Jack is hubbys uncle and my great great grandpa, timothy is my dad)is 1. Now I need help with another boys name for when we get prego again, not sure it will be a boy but we have to have a name just incase. I like the name Hudson and my husband likes the name Colton, if you couldnt tell we use ON endings. So I need opinions on which you like best out of those two and I also need middle name help. We use family names as middle names so I will provide a list of the names we have left to use. I really want to stay with a J middle name but not sure these will "go".
Will take suggestions and see if they are on my list of family names at home.
PS We have named our other boys with family names so we can't just stop now, sorry.

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answers from Amarillo on

I love the name Jaron. When I was pregnant with my first child we thought she was gonna be a boy and we were going to go with the name "Jaron Tyler". Hope you find one you like.



answers from Chicago on

Colton John. I like Colton because it allows for the nick name of Cole where I don't see a clear cut nick name for Hudson.

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answers from Dallas on

I like Canyon for a boy and Delia for a girl - I didn't get to use either one so I hope someone can!! P.S. Delia is pronounced "Deal - Ya" or I guess that's how I would pronounce it, you can pronounce it however you'd like :)
Otherwise, from your list I like Colton Matthew . .

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answers from Boca Raton on

Joel Hudson sounds cute..
I like Hudson better then Colton..



answers from Colorado Springs on

I'd go for Colton John; Colton is somewhat unusual and John is very traditional, so it seems like a good blend to me. Hudson is a nice name, too, although it makes me think of those warm blankets. Don't be embarrassed at using family names - it's a great thing to do. My daughter Anne received her middle name of Brannin in just that way; she didn't like it as a child because it wasn't like everyone else's name, but now she likes it a lot.



answers from Dallas on

I think which ever first name you choose is fine, though I do agree with some of the ones that said Colton is so popular these days. Honestly, I like your middle names better! I LOVE Jakob - that is the one I would go with. What about Jakob Michael? Oh, and some suggested using initials as the name - I'd stay away from that. Kids deserve a real name!

Good luck!

P.S. Hope your thinking about girl names (just in case!) :)



answers from Dallas on

What about Jason for a middl name.


answers from Dallas on

You have very cool, very masculine names! If u do Trenton, Jackson, and Hudson - those are all places, which is sorta cool.

I always think what will we call him for short

Slayton Michael - Slate
Mason Joseph - Mase
Tripp (Tripp is ridiculously cool as is)
Colton Joel- Colt
Trenton Joseph- Trent
Hudson Michael - ? no clue!



answers from Sacramento on

Colton John, then you could call him CJ to go with TJ and JT.



answers from Seattle on

I like Jakob as the middle name for either name... love the spelling too :) I'm kinda weird when we're deciding what to name our kids. I always see what it sounds like when I'm mad (like they are in trouble) lol We use family names as well so, I like the first name to be be unique/uncommon, but at the same time my husband requests it's a Hispanic name. Got my work cut out for me lol so second one's on his way and I said he was taking my husband's name :) I think if you're going to use a family member's name as the middle name, the letter shouldn't matter. What matters most is how you feel when you hear/say the name, and the person is very special to you or your husband. I feel your stress, as we too chose names before we found out we were pregnant again, but you'll probably dance with a name for awhile. Good Luck!!!



answers from Dallas on

I have 2 sons as well. Tucker (Tuck) is 4 and HUDSON is 3 mo. My 4 yr old calls him Huddy and sometimes we just call him Hud. I am bias obviously. I like Hudson John the best!



answers from Boise on

I prefer Hudson, as Colton is more popular. I have met a little Hud, he was adorable. I think he was Hudson Winston (winston was his brother's name). Hudson James sounds nice.



answers from Tulsa on

my sons name is coalton james I liked it I know another colton james also but since you have already used james I would say colton michael or hudson john if you go with colton joseph or john you could call him cj which is what my son goes by sometimes.



answers from New Orleans on

My youngest sons middle name is joel i love that name! i really like colton joel! that sounds cute!


answers from Salt Lake City on

Colton John, Hudson Joel. I like Colton best but do not know your last name so say all three names together out loud depending on what you decide to go with. Nice names of the other two boys-by the way. How fun!



answers from Dallas on

I like Hudson Michael and Colton John



answers from Anchorage on

I like Hudson Joseph


answers from Seattle on

I like both Hudson and Colton!
If I had to choose just one I would pick Hudson because it is way less popular. May I ask if you shorten their names? Is Trenton "Trent" and Jackson "Jack"...if so I guess I would lean more towards Colton because "Colt" sounds better than "Hud" :)

I like Colton Matthew or Hudson Michael...but you want to go with a J name so I guess I would then pick either Hudson Jakob or John or Colton Joel or John.

Sorry...I was trying to think like you, like what you like but having trouble because Jackson Timothy doesn't flow very well to me at all...don't mean that in a bad way and please don't take offense, it shouldn't matter what I think, it only matters what you think:)

Isn't naming them THE hardest thing about having a baby? It was for me, for sure!

~I hope you get another boy! I have always thought the idea of 3 brothers was fantastic...think about it, one of them will always have a great idea of something they could do or get into!



answers from Philadelphia on

You have cute names. My concern with family names other than grandfather and hubby then might another family member name their child the same as yours. It's not a big deal but I would personally be cautous. For a boys name should we ever adopt is Benjamin Matthew, Matthew is my husbands middle name and we LOVE Benjamin.

Good luck whatever you decide.


answers from Kansas City on

I love the name Hudson



answers from Honolulu on

Why don't you just name him "Hudson Colton" or "Colton Hudson"?
Then you and your Husband will get what you want.

If you choose a relatives 'name' for your son... then some relative(s) might get offended you did not choose "their" name and so forth. TOO complicated.
Just name your son, for how you want to name him.

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