Adoption: The First Years

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Thinking About Adoption

I am 24 years old, single, and ready to start a family of my own. Growing up, I always knew that I would want to adopt when I was ready. I have a great support system behind me for when the timing is right. When my sister had her fourth child in October, it stirred something inside of me that brought these ideas to the surface again. I had what I guess you could call Family Fever, I felt like it was time for me to be starting my own family. She told me not to be in a hurry, because I'm still young, but I have the desire to at least...


Fost to Adopt

Has anyone ever done the fost to adopt program. If you have I would like to...


Hoping to Adopt

If anyone knows of a possible adoption situation...please help my husband...

Adoption Resources

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Open Adoption Info

I am a first time Grandmother to a 5 1/2 mo. darling Grandson. My daugter has not bonded with this little guy and it is time to check into open adoption even though it is breaking my heart. I have been raising him since day one and hoping she would take over but she is being realistic and does not want to be a Mom at 19. Does anyone have info on open adoption, I know this little guy deserves a wonderful life with a family that will make him the center of their lives. Thank you.


Seeking Step Moms

Are there any step mom's out there who are having a hard time with their...

Step Parents Adopting

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Form Step Parent Bond with Child

I met my husband 3 years ago and he was a single parent to Jeffrey who was 5 at the time. My husband was quickly introduced to single parenthood when Jeffrey's mom passed away from breast cancer. So when I met them there were not alot of boundries, they ate at different times and Jeffrey spent alot of time in his room alone watching tv. So needless to say when I knew I was around for the long haul alot had to change. So before I could work on my bond with little Jeffrey, I quickly was forced into the discipliner, the one who changed his...


Seeking Step Moms

Are there any step mom's out there who are having a hard time with their...


Am I a Bad Parent?

I have a 7 year old step son who is defiant and showing alot of problem...