Problems Getting Pregnant

Updated on August 09, 2007
T.W. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
8 answers

Well hello all...I just have a few questions and concerns i guess..I will be 33 in jaunary and i already have a son who just turned 11..I have been dating a wonderful man for over a year now and we are engaged to be married and for the last 6-7 months we have been trying to get pregnant with no luck!! This month i am almost 2 weeks late and was feeling a few symptoms i am guessing now were just my mind playing tricks on me..So today i took a test and it was negative..I am very disappointed at this point...So i know i should not worry but has anyone else had these problems or is it just me and when should i worry?? Any help and responses would be great!!

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answers from Orlando on

I know what you are feeling. I am 37 and my husband and I have been trying for a 2nd baby for about a year. HOWEVER, with his schedule and me being tired a lot, there is just not too many chances to make it happen. But, due to our age, me 37 and he 42, he said we have to have a child by the end of the year. So, when it is supposedly ovulation time, we do the thing every other day for a week. This was the first time we tried that. So we'll see what happens. My ob/gyn said that you can really only get pregnant about 3 days out of your cycle. So yes, it is hard to do. He told me that when you have discharge that is clear like, that means you are ovulating. I have also gone to (i think that is it) that you can do an ovulation calendar. It asks you when your last period was and the length between. And then it calculates when you are ovulating. Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

Good Morning T.,

I have had a simular problem with baby #2, I took a total of eight tests over the counter plus blood tests. The first seven tests were all negative, this was over a two month period of time. Meanwhile, my doctors (regular PCP and OB GYN) all stated that it was in my head and that I wasn't pregnant at all. A couple weeks later, my family and I all had the stomach flu, when I went to my PCP he stated there was nothing he could give me because I was pregnant. My hormone level was very low.

With my third baby, my husband and I had tried to get pregnant for a 1 1/2 years with no luck. So I figured if I wasn't getting pregnant, I was going to keep trying to loose weight from my last baby. After loosing 22 lbs, I got pregnant. But I believe God had other plans for me with a different life schedule than I was originally wanting ~ all three of my children are 3 1/2 to 4 years apart. It will happen when you least expect it too.

J. W



answers from Lakeland on

Hey T.:

Have you had a complete physical? The reason I ask this is I had the hardest time trying to get pregnant and found a great doctor who found out the reason I was not getting pregnant is because of my thyroid. We fixed the problem and within a month I was pregnant. When you said you were late 2 weeks and not pregnant that sounds like it could be your thryroid. It controls a lot of things in your body and keeping pregnant is one or them. Good luck!!!




answers from Las Vegas on

Hi T.,

I had a similar problem. My kids are 10 years and 6 days apart and we tried for several years to have another baby. It turned out that I have abnormally high prolactin levels. In short, my body already thought it was pregnant. After this discovery through a blood test ordered by my GYN, I was put on medication to correct the levels and within a few months, I was pregnant. By this time, we had given up, gotten rid of all my daughter's baby things and were planning a move and job change and all kinds of stuff. So, I would have a chat with your GYN and some blood test done to figure out if there is anything out of the normal range. Also, I know of several friends who had trouble until they took a break from the pressure and, voila, they were pregnant. Good luck. I know how stressful it can be.

KarynG, mom to Jamie and Brady.



answers from Lakeland on

my last two pregnancies (counting this one) i had a negative test when i KNEW i was pregnant. i don't know how i always know but i do. wait a couple weeks and if you still don't get a period, then take another test but take it first thing in the morning when you haven't used the bathroom all night. the hormone is more concentrated and easier for the test to pick up. it's more common to get a false negative than a false positive. those home tests are actually very touchy. with my third child i took a test, it was negative. i bought another one 3 days later and waited until the next morning. woke up, went straight to the bathroom, and that one was positive. i do have tips on how to up your chances of getting pregnant if you want to hear them lol. they work i i'm pregnant with my 4th.



answers from Fort Myers on

Hi T.!

I agree with a lot of the great responses you have gotten! The book - Taking Charge of your Fertility is a great book - see if you can find it at the library, but it's in most bookstores too I think!

I asked my midwife last time I saw her - if we are actively trying (pinpointing the right time, ovulation, etc) how long should we wait before letting her know we are haing trouble - she said if after 6 months of trying, and no luck, let her know.

I would talk to your OBGYN, and if you don't get any help - seek a second opinion!

:) Good Luck!



answers from Melbourne on

Ok, like I respnded to someone with a similar request, I know it sounds really DISGUSTING but start having sex nightly from like 3 days before your period is due all the way through to like 2 days after, lol the myth that you cant get pregnant on your period was proved wrong by both my kids! Lol PLEASE dont ask!!!!



answers from Orlando on

It took me almost a year to get pregnant with both my children. In fact, I did not get pregnant until I started tracking my ovulation cycle with an ovulation kit. The ovulation kit I used was the First Response brand, basically it has a calender that helps you predict when you will begin ovulating based on your menstrual cycle and you get romantic around your most fertile time! I have very regular periods, every 28 days to be exact and I knew I did not have any health issues that would prevent me from getting pregnant. I think it took a while for me to get pregnant because my husband and I worked opposite schedules and the type of work I have is very stressful. Eventually, I was blessed with my 2 girls (YEAH). By the way, When I finally got pregnant with my second child, I was already 2 1/2 months (10 weeks) along when I found out via ultrasound at my O.B., I was shocked! Although we have been trying, I honestly thought I just got pregnant. I had no symptoms and I still had a period. Wierd huh? Thankfully I had a great pregnancy, with both kids, but with my second child I got soooo much bigger. I had a serious J.LO butt, I think J LO is beautiful, so I didn't mind (LOL). Anyway, stay positive, keep it fun and please let us know when your growing that bundle of love! Sincerely, R.

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