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Pregnant and Massages?

Read all 6 responses: "I was just wondering if it is okay to get a massage while being pregnant. I know they have massages for pregnant women, ...

Am I Pregnant?

Read all 4 responses: "I am about 4 days late, and am usually like clockwork. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, and both have come out negative.

Does Those Otc Fertility Tests Work?

And we got pregnant! Also, stress can interfere with the process too, for some women. ... I got OCD about getting pregnant the second time around- I had ...

Getting Pregnant After D&C

Sep 30, 2009 ... Read all 4 responses: "I had a D&C July 1st. My Dr told me to wait one cycle and then try again. We now have had 2 months (not counting the ...

Getting Pregnant After Mirena

Read all 9 responses: "I just wanted to find out how long it took other moms to get pregnant after having the Mirena removed? Also curious how long it took ...

Dental Work While Pregnant

Read all 11 responses: "I just found out that I'm pregnant with our second child , I'm guessing about four weeks. I have a tooth that really hurts and ...

Pregnant and Still Breastfeeding My 11 Month Old???

Read all 24 responses: "I have an 11 month old son who I am still breastfeeding. I am in the process of starting to wean him as I plan to stop when he's ...

Getting Pregnant

Read all 12 responses: "I am trying to get pregnant again, I'm on my second month of trying. I got pregnant the first time right away.

Flying While Pregnant

Read all 28 responses: "Is it safe to fly at the end of your 10th week of pregnancy? Most things say it is safe during second trimester. Does anyone know?

10 Weeks Pregnant and Having Surgery

Read all 6 responses: "Help! I am 10-weeks pregnant and having to have surgery. I'm scared for obvious reasons, but wondering if any moms out there have ...
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  • flew during my first trimester in 2 answers "I flew during my first trimester and had no problems."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "... tried to pump more to bring my milk back up until I called the La Leche league ..."
  • keep the barf bag in 2 answers "The elevation did make my nausea worse so keep the barf bag close - I threw up everytime ..."
  • nitrous oxide in 3 answers "However, I was told that I could not have the nitrous-oxide (laughing gas) because ..."
  • had to have a root canal in 2 answers "I had to have a root canal while I was pregnant in my first trimester."