Missing Period, Will I Ovulate Again?

Updated on September 20, 2010
T.S. asks from Charleston, SC
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So my period has gone totally missing for the first time Ever! It is now 8 days late and all my pregnancy tests are negative. I'm trying desperately to get pregnant and read that just stress can make it be late or go missing. I did have a miscarriage in June but since then have had 2 periods, now this?! So I'm wondering when I can guess my next fertile window will be since I've not had period to count from?! Is there a way to figure that out or am i just going to have to guess? I should ovulate again, right?!

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So What Happened?

In case anyone wanted to know....my missing period finally did decide to show up! only 13 days late!!!!! Well, although this has been frustrating at least i know I ovulated, which when I count back 14 days, tells me I ovulated on Day 30 of my cycle......2 WEEKS later than I should have!!! Im chalking it up to stress and wanting to get pregnant so bad!!! Game plan now is to read that book about Taking Charge of my Fertility and be less stressed! Thanks for all the advice:) Wish me luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I think I would rule out pregnancy first before worrying about ovulation. I'd get a blood test because those are never wrong. Good luck : )



answers from Atlanta on

The BEST book in the world on conception (or not-conceiving) = Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. Get it. Read it. Lurv it. Live it:) Have suggested this book to 4 women now and they are pleasantly parents:)

In this book, you learn how to take your morning temp in mouth (before leaving bed) to tell when you ovulate; your egg only lives one day; you need 12 days from ovulation to cycle for a successful implantation; tracking your cycle and daily events to see what effects or not; and many other tips and information. Less stess = more regular cycles:) After 6 months doing the tracking, you will have a basis for a meaningful conversation with your GYN should you need any intervention help.

Time between period and ovulation can be days or months, depends on stress and outside/inside factors. If you've already ovulated, typically up to 15 days then period.

Get the book -- library or friend or used... you will not regret it. Good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

There are hundreds of reasons your period could be late. I am sure, since your miscarriage is so recent, that it is not uncommon. Also, when I was preggers, my test (the expensive one that promises results 5 days sooner), came back negative the first 2 weeks I took them. Not saying you are preggers, but not saying you aren't either. Call your OBGYN if you are worried. They can do a blood test.

Regarding ovulation, do you have any problems (besides missed period) that would prevent you from ovulating or ovulating regularly? If not, then yes you "should" ovulate again. You could always check your body for signs of ovulation (temperature, mucus, etc) but sometimes those are difficult to read. If all else fails, you could purchase an ovulation kit at your local drugstore. I think they run about $20. Or, have sex every other day till you get your next period - that will cover all of your bases!! Hubby won't mind I am sure!

-Best wishes!



answers from Honolulu on

Instead of trying to 'guess' when your next ovulation will be... just look for your Ovulation symptoms. Then THAT Is when you will be ovulating.
THAT Is the best and only time, to get pregnant.
Then once you are about to or are ovulating... then have sex everyday.
That is what I did.

If you do not know what ovulation symptoms are... then look it up online.

I had a miscarriage and D&C before. My OB/GYN... said to wait 3 months/cycles... before trying to get pregnant again.

good luck,



answers from Augusta on

You won't ovulate again until you have your period. Unless you have a problem with your cycle, you ovulate then 14 days later your period starts. Women who have irregular cycles are irregular in the first half (prior to ovulation). Women who have irregularities in the second half of the cycle have fertility problems.

It's possible that you are pregnant or that your ovulation this month was delayed. Check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility for more information. Good luck.

By the way you do not have to wait three months after a miscarriage to get pregnant again. The only reason that is recommended is to make dating the pregnancy easier (I am a certified nurse midwife).



answers from Clarksville on

With my last son I kept getting negative test until about 3 weeks past the date I should have started. At my first appointment the doctor notice that the baby wasn't as big and I wasn't as far along as I thought going off my period.

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