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Percocet While Pregnant?

I am a biology major and I've done my own research on pregnancy and stress. The pain (even if it isn't debilitating) is causing stress on your baby. ...

When Was the First Time You Felt Your Baby Move??

I am 15 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy. When was the first time you all felt your baby move the 2nd time around? I know that I started feeling my DD around ...

False Pregnancy

(basically the pregnancy didn't take and we lost the baby for no reason) They also tested my HCg levels and they were SOOO low. ...

Anyone Had a Baby After Gastric Bypass?

I had my first baby 08/27/2007! I had a great pregnancy, and only gained 25 pounds. You always have to remember that the surgery is only a tool, ...

Pregnancy Gift

There is a pregnancy journal that is a week by week that gives details about how the baby is growing each week - it might even be called My Pregnancy ...

Getting Pregnant for Second Time

With our first child, we got pregnant right away, this time it has already been 4 months .... am i pregnant · am pregnant · pregnant months · pregnant baby ...

Wood Staining During Early Pregnancy

I spent a week in a closed space painting and took Nyquil for a few nights the week before I found out I was pregnant. My baby had no effects from it. ...

Body Pillow - 5 Months Pregnant

I got the Blessed Nest pillow during my second pregnancy and fell in love. I honestly still slept with it between my legs after I had baby #2. ...

Percocet During Pregnancy

I was on vicodin es during my last pregnancy. She will be 4 next month. The medication was fine for me. The baby didn't have any problems from it at all. ...

Have Any of You Taken BENADRYL While Being Pregnant???

So, that will wait until after the baby is born. Just on the Benadryl part... have you taken it while being pregnant? Is your baby fine? Did it help you? ...
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