am i pregnant

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Trying to Get Pregnant

Read all 5 responses: "Hi, my husband and I just got married and we have only been trying to get pregnant for 1 month....I'm already getting worried about ...

New Pregnancy and Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

I am not pregnant currently nor do I have celiac, but my friend was just diagnosed with it and as Liz said it is genetic, not passed through pregnancy or ...

Pregnant or Not?

Read all 14 responses: "We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Normally I can tell you down to the ...

Telling My Father I Am Pregnant

Read all 55 responses: "Hello I need some help from anyone else who has had to deal with a similar issue. First some background info, I am 23 years old and ...

Am 32 Weeks Pregnant - Is This Too Late for a 3D Ultrasound?

Read all 4 responses: "I've heard that you can wait too long for the 3D ultrasound and all you see is a squished up face and body. How late is too late?

Pregnant After Tubaligation?

Read all 14 responses: "Curious if any have successfully concieved and delivered a baby after tubaligation? What are the chances of this actually happening?

Pregnant with No Signs at All. Am I Lucky or Should I Be Worried?

Read all 20 responses: "So I am probably just overthinking it, but I am getting nervous. With my DS, I had really bad morning sickness starting at about 5 ...

Pregnant with Twins!

Read all 9 responses: "Hi Moms, My name is P.. I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins and have no idea what to expect. I have a 4 and half year old daughter, ...

Hosptial Suggestions? I Am Pregnant and New to the Area

Read all 6 responses: "I am moving to Baton Rouge in a couple of months and expecting my first child in August. Could anyone advise me as to which hospitals ...

Pregnant with Twins!!!

Read all 29 responses: "I am almost 3 months pregnant with twins. It is very exciting but im also very very nervous. This is my 3rd pregnancy - i have a 6 ...
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