Keeping Baby Entertained

Updated on February 05, 2009
J.C. asks from Cypress, TX
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I have a six month old baby girl who is an extremely good baby but I have a really hard time keeping her entertained. We have an excer-saucer, a swing, a play mat, a bouncy chair all of which she loves but will only stay in for the very longest 30 minutes. I can't get anything else done not to mention I don't want her to get bored. I was just wondering if any moms have any ideas on things to do with children this age. We take an afternoon walk every day but I need something else at this point. The other hard thing is that I breastfeed exclusively and although I am trying to get her on the bottle or at least a sippy cup she is not having any part of it.

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Do you have a pack n play? I used to put my baby boy in there with toys while I would clean up the kitchen etc. I would also spread a blanket on the living room floor and let him use the nursing boppy to practice sitting up. I have this mirror that stands up and he can touch different things on it that play music, so I would put that in front of him, the boppy behind him and he would have a ball sitting up and looking at himself. But thirty minute stretches are pretty good to tell you the truth! Before you know she will be crawling all over the place:) Best wishes, hope this helps!



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Babies get tired of toys. Hide a few and every week change what your baby plays with. They will think they are new toys.

I only do Baby Einstein Videos when I have to get something done and it keeps the babies attention for at least 15 minutes. At most the video is only once a day and I try not to rely on it.

Backyard? At 6 months my son loved his stroller and being outside. He also enjoyed the park and watching the big kids. Take a book outside and put the kid in the stroller.

Hope this helps.



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My 2nd baby NEVER took a bottle. And I worked FULL time. That was tricky. Bless my babysitter and mother in law. Mom could get her to take breast milk with a straw -- Emily would kind of lick the straw. At four months, mom started giving her sips out of a cup. Not a sippy cup, just the cover to a bottle. It was thin enough, and just the right size for Mom to get a few ounces in her during the day.

So, if she won't take a bottle or sippy cup, maybe you could try a small regular cup. You will have to hold it, but it would let you be away from her when you have to be--the sitter can feed her.

As far as keeping her entertained, I think it is a good thing for them to have a little time on their tummies on the floor, on a brightly covered mat or blanket. Entertaining a baby all the time doesn't do her any favors really. My daughter that went to day care can't play independently like my daughter who stayed home with my mother in law. Tummy time helps them strengthen their upper muscles, something that is lacking in babies who are always on their backs.

And 15- 30 minutes of a musical DVD for babies isn't a terrible thing either! A happy mama is a happier baby!! So don't feel guilty using DVDs wisely. I loved the Richard Scarry ones, Little Bear, and Kipper. When they are older, Veggie Tales let me get dinner prepared every night!

Hang in there and enjoy every day!!



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Hi J.-

At this age, YOU are the most entertaining thing to your child! Whatever you have to get done around the house, just have her nearby where she can hear you and see you and just sing or talk to her. In the kitchen, place her in her highchair with a few toys and talk to her. Explain what you are doing, point out colors or names of objects as you use them. Folding the laundry, lay her on a blanket nearby and play peek a boo with the clothes as you fold them. Just keep a blanket, bouncy seat, high chair, playpen, or something else to hold her in anywhere that you need to be working in the house and include her in the process. She'll love it!!!

Good Luck,

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