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Best Stain Remover for Old Stains on Baby Clothes

Read all 18 responses: "Baby #2 is on the way and my first daughters newborn clothes have awful yellow stains from her breastmilk spit-up.

Weird Question About After Baby Clothing

Read all 13 responses: "Hi, I have a weird question. Do any of you moms know where to buy clothing that seems to cater to a larger chest?

Place to Donate/sell Baby Clothes?

Read all 5 responses: "Hi there, I have boxes and boxes of clothes that my son has outgrown. Any recommendations of where I could either donate or sell ...

Clothing Options for Labor & Delivery?

Felicitaciones on your pregnancy and impending new baby. I just delivered 1 month ago here in NYC as well, ... fitness clothing · newborn baby clothes ...

What Is the Best Way to Sell Baby Clothes?

Read all 9 responses: "Ebay? Consignment? Craig's list?"

Mold on Clothing

No need to run out and buy anything else...just spot treat the mold/mildew with regular liquid laundry detergent (I use Dreft for my baby's clothes, ...

How Do I Get Mold/mildew Out of Baby Clothes

Read all 10 responses: "Sometimes when cleaning up the house I round up bibs, socks, etc. that the baby used. Sometimes the bibs still had leftover food, ...

Seeking Bargains on Kids Clothes, Toys, Etc. in the St Louis Area

The Purple Cow is great too for maternity clothes (haven't shopped there for baby clothes yet). - Also try Kangaroo Kids/Wombats on Manchester. ...

Looking for Great Baby Shower Ideas

Decorations...use baby clothes. If it is a boy you can get little button up shirts, starch them and put a vase of flowers inside mom did it for me ...

Tons of Baby Clothes....

Read all 4 responses: "I had triplets, and 2 were girls. I have tons of baby tshirts and basic summer stuff that other mothers and other clothing stores are ...
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  • entered into a drawing in 2 answers "... of diapers (various sizes, as she will need them all!) entered into a drawing ..."
  • size candy bars in 2 answers "You take 5 or so diapers and melt fun size candy bars in the microwave in the diaper."
  • purple cow in 4 answers "i love the purple cow!"
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  • them in the washing machine in 2 answers "... get mildewy smelling because I am lazy and I leave them in the washing machine ..."