DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Updated on June 27, 2013
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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What do you recommend? We're renting, and we moved in before the carpet was cleaned - it was a timing issue. They're not bad, but we'd like to at least take care of the high traffic areas? Have you ever done this before and what do you recommend?


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answers from Dallas on


I LOVE mine. I mean LOVE!

I had a professional refused to clean my mom's carpet (dogs) and recommend I tear out the carpet. I bought a BISSELL, took a few passes but it was AAAAAAAmmmmmmazzzingggggg!!!!!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The trick is to buy a good carpet spot cleaner, pretreat any spots or high traffic areas (scrub it in a little with a scrub brush) and wait several hours for it to work. Then use the rented carpet cleaner on the entire carpet according to the directions.

The pretreatment with the wait time is key! The spot treatment cleaners can take a few hours to really work on stains. If you put it on, then clean the carpet 10 minutes later, it doesn't have enought time to dissolve the stains.


answers from Washington DC on

Be sure to look at your lease .... Some require you to have them professionally cleaned. My mom ran into that problem once and had to hire someone AFTER she'd already cleaned them herself.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Most people do their own carpets. I don't know anyone who has someone come in and do it.

Go to a hardware store and rent a rug doctor. Use something they sell there to use as the cleaner. Make sure you don't add too much. You don't rinse the carpet so water that has too much soap in it will leave the carpet not so nice feeling.

I actually use Pine sol or Lysol lemon scent.



answers from New York on

I just bought a Hoover carpet cleaner. It was $150. To have a carpet cleaned is minimum of $100. We have done every carpet we have. It does a great job and paid for itself after the first day.


answers from Dallas on

We rented a carpet cleaner and used Simple Green.



answers from Orlando on

I have a Bissell carpet cleaner. Love it. Totally worth the cost.


answers from Dallas on

I have a Bissell hot water cleaner and I do love it. It is time consuming and worth it. About $300 Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond.

That said, with the rush of graduation and guests this season, we did use Dalworth professionals and as always had a good experience. I like the high powered steam clean , they are good to complete the job to your expectations and with a guarantee.

Bottom line.... If I have the time, I use my Bissell. If I'm cramped for time, I use Dalworth. In the future I may just go with Dalworth because I like the hotter machine with more suction and its easier on me!!

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