Anyone Who Has Had a Baby at Pottstown Hospital or Phoenixville Hosp

Updated on August 23, 2006
L. asks from Royersford, PA
4 answers

I am looking for feedback on anyone who has had a baby at the Phoenixville Hospital or Pottstown Hospital. I had my first child in Lancaster at the Woman & Babies hospital, which was absolutely wonderful. Those are the only places in the area that I know about for birthing as I have only been in the area for a little over a year.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had my 2nd at Phoenixville and it was an OK experience. My Dr's were wonderful and the nurses in the Labor/Delivery room were good. The floor nurses after I had my son could have been a little more attentive. They do have a pre-natal care unit in case it is needed. I would ask your OB. If they practice out of the hospital and you like them, I would feel comfortable. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello L.,
My son will be 2 next month and he was born in Phoenixville Hospital. The nurses and doctors were wonderful, made me feel completely at ease and answered every question I had. They did make us pay to keep our room to ourselves (about $165) and then removed the extra bed and replaced a very thin cot on the floor for my fiance to sleep on after paying.
I have heard many great things from other mothers who delivered here, and I would NEVER RECOMMEND going to Pottstown for any procedure, let alone birthing.



answers from Philadelphia on

I gave birth to my daughter at Phoenixville and it was great. The nursing staff is fantastic and of coarse I loved my doctor. The rooms were a bit iffy however. We got stuck with the room right next to the main entry way and I could hear people coming and going all night long.

I also lost two babies in the past three years and had surgery both times at Phoenixville. Everyone had wonderful bedside manners which really helped emotionally.

My husband used to work at Pottstown and he wouldn't recommend giving birth there.



answers from Reading on

I gave birth in Pottstown, had a c-section. Altogether it was not a bad experience. The room was good and clean, my doctor was good, no problem with the service.
The only problem I had that I did not get enough breast feeding support.

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