Help with Bored Whiney 16 Month Old Please.

Updated on February 22, 2011
K.B. asks from Islip, NY
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My son is 16 months old. My mother takes care of him at her apartment 3 days a week and I am home with him the other days. My mother more but I too am wondering what can I do to pass time with him. He gets bored so easily and doesn't like to play by himself much. We live in New York so we've had a very bad winter which added to the problem (cabin fever). I have him enrolled in little gym which breaks up the day however my mother does not drive so she is stuck home with him most days when she watches him. When I am home with him he's always whining and climbing up my legs if ignored for very long he has huge tantrums. I don't want to give in to his always wants and have recently started ingoring him at least till I'm done doing what I'm doing. My question is, Is there anything you moms do with your toddler of that age that he or she loves?? We do have lots of toys and I do play with him and take him for walks but I'm looking to see if there's anything else I'm missing. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the replies but I guess most people misinterpreted my post or didn't read it fully. I was looking for some different things , ideas, creative outlets that I can do with my son. I play with him all the time!! Hide and Seek, Books, Ride on Toys, Mommy and Me Classes, you name it. He still has a hard time leaving me to cook his lunch which takes two minutes. I used to try and hold him and make lunch but he's just too heavy now so I ignore him till I'm done doing what I'm doing.

Re: My question is, Is there anything you moms do with your toddler of that age that he or she loves?? We do have lots of toys and I do play with him and take him for walks but I'm looking to see if there's anything else I'm missing. Thanks.

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answers from Spokane on

First of all, he's still a baby and needs attention more than anything else! Sit and read with him, colour with crayone, play-doh (MUST be supervised at this age), blocks, cars, read, teach him to use child-safe scissors and glue, simple wood puzzles, build a fort, hide and seek, sing silly songs, read, let him 'help' with chores you're doing: cooking, laundry, sweeping, dusting - these are all things they can help with at a young age (just expect the task to take twice as long! lol)

He's not old enough to play by himself for very long at all and needs guidance and stimulation. His little brain is picking up EVERYTHING he's exposed to, so make it rich and diverse.

Most importantly, don't look at playing with him as a 'chore', have fun WITH him! He's going to grow up SO SO fast and you're going to long for those days when he tugged on your leg for attention.

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answers from Chicago on

don't get sucked into the entertaining him all the time thing. if you do you will have a kid who can't play by themselves later on. give him some toys and put him on the ground while you cook. if he has a hissy then put him in either a playpen or a crib and let him scream. he does it because you give in. you will be sorry about that later on. he needs to learn to play by himself sometimes.

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answers from Houston on

How often do you play with him? Sing him songs, read him books, get on the floor and do large floor puzzles and foam blocks and bang on pots and pans with him. Do finger paint crafts, play doh and give him stickers to put on paper. Give him a bowl with different shapes and textures of objects and let him sort and dump them out. Play peek a boo, or hide and seek, piggy back rides... Take him to the library for story time.

This will teach him fine motor skills, and to trust you. He is climbing up your legs and whining because he is too young to play independently all day and because he needs your attention. It's your job to entertain him and to teach him how to play, that is how he leans and how he develops his self worth and social skills. Being ignored for extended periods of time will only lead to distrust and attachment issues. Children easily get bored with lots of toys and need activities and interaction.

Here are some more activity ideas and behavioral strategies for his developmental stage:

how to encourage good behavior and deal with tantrums:

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answers from San Francisco on

16 months is very young. They don't usually play well on their own, at that age, they usually want and require a lot of interaction with mom.

So your son is normal. Give him as much attention as you can, so you won't regret it when he is older and that opportunity is lost. And yes, it's harmful for him at that age to be ignored by mom.

Even if it's cold, go for walks and get out of the house. I never did well in the house for long with little ones. Join mom groups.

Great answers, Momma L. and Lesley, below.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi Mama
Let me start by saying that I found this age difficult in the sense that they can now move around but need to be watched all the time. They have very little independence and want to be entertained all the time.The good news is this stage passes and once they reach two it gets easier.
To be honest there is no way I would be able to stay in the house all day with my son. I have taken him outside in all weathers.
As your mother doesn't drive tell her to wrap him up warm and take him to local park to feed the duck etc.or even just for a walk around the city.
Research play groups in the area or else children play places.
I know you said you do take him for walks but do this every day.
Also get him involved with the housework. Let him go around with you cleaning etc.I started with my son at this age by giving him a cloth to help clean with . Now my son is three and loves helping with hoovering,mopping etc.
Best of luck

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