My 4 Year Old Girl Queen Whinner.

Updated on July 06, 2009
K.F. asks from Miami, FL
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My daughter Cassandra will whinny about anything and everything. She throws tantrums like crazy isn't satisfied until she gets her way. At camp she was whining that she didn't want to get in the water. So my husband and me had to go and convince her that it was ok and all of it was just a whining issue. She screams to the top of her lungs and does baby talk also. Does anyone have the magic pill to stop the whining. I don't want people to think I have a snobby little girl.

K. F.

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Let go of your embarrassment and fear of what other people will think and learn to detach from responding to her whining. If people stop attending to it she'll learn to comfort herself and be more secure and accepting of how things are. If there's a payoff from whining, either positive or negative attention, then she'll keep doing it. Pills don't fix anything or resolve problems, they just impair the nervous system from using it's internal regulation and make a person subservient to external chemicals. Psychotropic drugs stunt emotional development - some of them even stunt physical development. On Independence Day we can celebrate freedom from control wherever that issue exists in our lives. No fear, no embarrassment, no pills - choose patience, faith, and healthy lifestyle and attitudes.



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My 4 year old son is doing the same thing! (It must be something in the water at camp.) The baby talk just started and is very clingy!!! I've started taking things away and telling him he no longer has options, because babies don't have options!

I got him a timer and I set it (or have him set it) for 5 minutes and told him he can have a fit until the timer goes off in his room. Then that's enough!! We all have our moments. At times I'll scream (in a silly way- and say silly things) with him for his 5 minutes so he can see just how silly I look. Or I'll have him do his 5 minutes in the bathroom mirror (that seems to stop it much sooner). When the timer goes off, he'll come tell me "Mommy, I'm done now" and that he's better.

It's helped and we can move on with our day. They keep telling me he'll grow out of it, but I hope it's fast! He'll be 5 soon and I'm afraid the teachers will kick him out of class. Good Luck



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I have a 4 year old as well and it seems like its going around, but like the others Im hoping she will soon grow out of it.I know its frustrating but just breath, cause soon they will grow out of it and they wont be our babies anymore.So I to take the good ones with the bad ones remember its not about the destination its about the journey. When you least expect it there off to college, patience is a virtue.



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Oh, so familiar. My 5 year old daughter has been the same way and still is occasionally. For awhile everything was a screaming matter with her. I just didn't give in. I either ignored her or put her in a spot such as the corner or on her bed until she quit. Sometimes it would take awhile, but I'm not sure there is anything else that can be done. Giving in or giving attention for it only reinforces what she is doing. My daughter has gotten better and only has occasional fits like this. Since they are less frequent, I am being patient and waiting for them to stop altogether. Hang in there, you are definitely not alone on this one.

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