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Updated on January 08, 2007
A.F. asks from Rockwall, TX
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Help! Our six year old daughter whines constantly when I am around. She is great for everyone else, but the minute I step in a room, that sound starts coming out of her mouth. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rid her of this behavior?

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Ignore her whines. If she wants something, tell her to ask you correctly. If she continues to whine...ignore her.


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Hi A.! :)

Have you tried completely ignoring her? Another thing you could try is explaining to her that you will not put up with her whining and every time you walk into a room and she does it, just turn around and walk right out! that worked with my daughter and her little fits she would throw. She finally got the idea that I was not going to be around her when she was acting like that. Sorry, that's all I can come up with at the moment. Good luck!!




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Hi A.. My name is L. and I have two daughters...5 and 7 (about to be 6 and 8 in a month) I don't have sure fire remedies for whining just because I am not very consistant. But I have tried a few things that have gotten their attention. One thing I tried was telling them I was gonna call the "Whiny Man" to come get them if they whined. It scared them a little into thinking twice about whining. I don't really recommend that just because it's causing them to fear me getting rid of them if they don't do what I want. It is kinda funny and my kids know now there's no whiny man. If anything it caused them to laugh and stop whining. Another thing that is probably better is saying to her that until "Wendy Whiner" goes away you can't hear what she (your daughter) is saying. That has worked for me as well. The bottom line is this....if they don't get what they want by whining...they'll eventually stop. If she realizes you won't respond when she whines...she'll stop...Maybe! It's worth a try. Just try not to let your frustration get the best of the situation. Be strong!! I don't know too many whiny adults...most people grow out of it. Hope this helps.



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Your in luck ! I aslo have a 9 and 7 year old !! I can relate . There is one ways to solve this in my eyes!! Sit her on your lap and have a TRUE one on one she is smart enough to know why she does this !!! My little one just needed more HUGS and ATTENTION . And her complaint was that I was to busy !!! It made me feel bad !! But it was so true. Work , home life etc. ANd now after that we no longer speak WHINEZ . Hope this helps. Also In the begining of this I simpley would not speak to her until she would TALK sometimes would sit like 10 min . but I had to like pull it out of her!!! GOOD LUCK

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