Whinning and Additude

Updated on December 08, 2011
E.G. asks from New Smyrna Beach, FL
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My 5 year old has a bad whin and bad additude not sure how to handle it. If things don't go her way everytime she whins and then has a bad additude. What are ways to handle it, and get her past this without being angry with her all the time

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family conference: address "how" you want her to act, "what" she's doing that is unacceptable, & the consequence for not following your redirection. Since she's 5, you can also follow this up with small posters placed around the house. When she starts her act, simply walk over to the poster & remind her of "how" to behave. The most important part of this process is to consistently & diligently follow thru on the consequence.

& when I say consequence, I mean....pre-determine what it will be & enforce it every single time! Only you know what works with your child.

With my sons, I always used the phrase, "please sit here & think about what you are trying to say to me. When you can speak to me in a 'big-boy voice', then we will discuss what you are saying". It didn't matter where we were, they had to sit & think...before we moved on. If they continued to whine, beg, hang on me.....then I would remind them to "speak to me in a 'big-boy voice' ". & if they continued past that....I would place them in time-out.

Yes, there were times when they continued to battle....but, in the end, it all worked out. & with my daycare kids, I love when they caution each other with the whole....."no, use your big-boy/girl voice"!! Love it!

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I've read that at 5 years old, kids start to realize that other people are around and they care about what they think. So, without killing your child's self esteem, and using caution...i think if she's doing it in public, just whisper something like, everyone can see you and they're going to think you're a bad girl or something like that. Sometimes it's that simple, and sometimes they don't care at all. I personally think that there might not be anything wrong with a persistent kid. My parents gave me what I wanted whenever I wouldn't stop whining, and now I'm a persistent person as an adult. I never stop fighting until I get what I want from life. I don't take no for an answer. If I see a door, I bust through it. Lol, that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think there's something to it. Of course, whining IS annoying...that's why it works ;) I know it's easier said than done, but as moms it's important that we make every experience a learning experience for our children...it's not about US anymore...although I struggle with this quite often myself.

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Talk to her about her whining and her bad attitude, then discipline her like you would for any other offense. If you're consistent, she'll learn really fast.

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