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Updated on January 24, 2010
A.C. asks from Belvidere, IL
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I have a 6 yrs old son who has gotten the habit to whine when he wants something or if theres something wrong, It drives me crazy how can I get him to stop

please help


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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyones great advice so far it has been working I tell him that I can not understand when he talks that way and he then stops and talks to me in a "normal" way I hope this continue and it stops completly :)

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ignore his requests said with a whine. My mom did this with me, telling me she couldn't hear me when I whined (she *is* mostly deaf, so I believed her)...Giving in to the behavior is when you answer the requests. Good luck!

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we ask in a regular voice "i can't understand you when you use that voice" "please use your (insert name) voice"



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Start by telling him that you really want to hear what he has to say, but that you don't listen to whining. When he does whine, reinforce "I would like to hear you, but I don't understand whining.", or some similar phrase. Keep using a soft tone, but reinforcing the message of "I don't understand whining." If you're consistent with that, you'll find that, over time, the whining will stop. Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

you have good advice, I want to emphasize being CONSISTENT... Wait till he calms down before appeasing him--if you give in sometimes, he will continue to try to get what he wants that way.

My daughter is younger, but I've also told her that if she wants to whine, she can go in her room and do it b/c nobody else wants to listen to it!



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Just don't respond to him unless he's using a normal tone of voice. A bit harder than it sounds, but start taking deep breaths :), and letting him know that you can't understand him, please try again in a different tone of voice. This worked wonders with my kids!
Good luck!



answers from Springfield on

I tired the Ignore the whining trick but it only worked for so long.. and then they started to carry it out further... So i resulted to the copy their behavior route.. it's a bit annoying but i copy what they just said in the same tone and then ask them how i sounded... Which usually my oldest would respond.. "you sound like a baby.." realise she was doing the same thing... and then be mad and over what she was whining about.. but eventually she did stop.. lol.



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What I found to work when mine went through whining stages was to simply refuse to acknowledge it. Every time they whined, all I would say is "I don't understand you when you talk like that" then go about my business. They learned that whining got them nowhere, and instead started using a normal tone of voice.

Best wishes - whining really has the ability to make a parent crazy!



answers from Chicago on

Hi, I was going to post this same exact question with my 7-year old girl.... She has mastered the whining, and it is like chalk on a chalkboard!!! I have tried to answer her back in the whining, but that just makes her so mad she screams; and when I ignore her, she screams... And whe will do this in the morning when her little brother is asleep and I don't want him to wake up.... aarrgghhh, it is killing me. I guess I usually am screaming back and not answering calmly.... Maybe I will give it another whirl! ha! The best of luck to all of us....being a Mom is hard! ha!

It is funny though because my 3-year old son will try and whine, and it is quite easy for me to ignore him, and he doesn't do it nearly as often as my 1st. I tried to live and learn and improve on my 2nd one! ha!

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