Toddler Whining ALL DAY! Need to Vent.

Updated on February 03, 2012
L.O. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi Mamas. I'm a SAHM and love my kids (almost 3-yr-old boy and 4-month-old girl) more than anything in the world. But my toddler's incessant whining has me at my wits end. I've also been sick with one thing or another since early November -- 3 months now! I'm tired of complaining about it to my poor husband, we don't have family nearby and I'm exhausted and feeling guilty. I'm not necessarily looking for strategies to help him whine less or strategies on how to cope with my anger/exhaustion. I have books and articles galore on this. Think what I would like to know is... is this a stage they "grow out of?" Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? If not, I might need to go hide in a cave for a long time. WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for all the whining). :)

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answers from San Francisco on

I had the same day on Monday. It was so frustrating because nothing I did could stop the whining. So finally I took my son, almost 3, by the hand and sat him on his bed. I told him to have a good cry and get it all out and to come out when he was done. I closed the door behind me and went back to the kitchen. He came out a few minutes later and said he was done and came and gave me a hug. BUT we still have moments of whining daily. It's just something my kids go through especially when they can't explain what's wrong etc. I have a little stash of dark chocolate for me that I eat to get through the day. :)

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answers from Boston on

Whining is up there for one of the most annoying behaviors! And yes, they will grow out of it. Do your best to stay calm and to not give in to his whines. Tell him if he wants something, he needs to ask like a big boy, not like a little baby.
Good luck! Just remember...this too shall pass....

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answers from Bloomington on

It's just preparing you for the teenage years. All I can say is stand your ground and ignore the whining. It won't get better if his whining helps his cause.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, it's a stage that both you and your son will grow out of. I remember going through the same thing when my daughter was a young 3 and my boy was 4 months old. I was exhausted and angry, and regretfully yelled a lot. You are probably sleep deprived with the newborn and have your hands full with the two of them day in day out. I'm also a SAHM and there's no magic formula I can offer you to know that you and your children will go through this phase. It does get better. Your son will mature more, be able to communicate his needs and feelings with words, and whine less. Hopefully you'll be able to get more rest as your infant baby gets older. Try to get some rest. Looking back, I would probably lost my patience less if I would give myself a time out. Whenever the whining or whatever it was got to me, I should've walked away to the bathroom or somewhere for a few minutes to calm myself down. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there.

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answers from Omaha on

The whining drives me batty as well. My 3 realy old is persistent and can whine for hours. My 6 year old is out of that phase. Well kind of. I can reason with her and she'll laugh and say sorry mom. But it's a different kind of whining with my oldest. The toddle whine is sometimes like nails on a chalkboard. Don't feel guilty. Heck it's annoying!!! We're only human. The fact that it drives us insane doesn't make us bad moms. Would be odd if we liked it lol. Hang in there momma. It will pass.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, it will pass. My son is 3 1/2 and is out of it. Your post made me remember those days, which I'd almost forgotten about.

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answers from Sacramento on

Whining, like everything with young children, is a phase. Soon it will be replaced by a new (equally annoying) phase but you won't mind at first because it will be new and different.

I used to tell my girls "stop, listen to that sound your voice is making. It hurts my ears and makes it hard for me to hear your words" and "I can't hear you, your voice is making that whining sound. Where is your other voice?". It became a joke and they knew when I'd put my hands over my ears to catch themselves.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hugs! Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My kids are about 3.5 years apart. It was harder when they were younger but now they are much better at playing with one another and need me just a bit less. The age difference combined with the older being a boy and the younger being a girl, has meant less sibling fighting for us. My son has taken the roll of taking care of her as an older brother to heart. Also, he used to be the center of everyone's universe and it's been a good growing experience for him to share the spot light with his younger sister.

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