Vinegar: Infant

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Cleaning with Vinegar and Tolerating the Smell

C.M. asks from Chicago

I'm trying to get away from using 409 in the kitchen and tilex in the shower b/c the chemicals really bother me. I've tried spraying vinegar but the smell lingers FO...


Baby Sweat Smells like Vinegar...?

J.F. asks from Honolulu

Hi Everyone, We found out recently that my one year old is allergic to straight up dairy products--no yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cow milk. My pediatrician suggested...


Smelly Baby Clothes! Vinegar in My Laundry?!!?

C.S. asks from New York

Hi Moms- You all have such good advice, here is a random question for you all...My daughter is a drooler. And when she drools on her clothes and her sheets they deve...


Consistent Diaper Rash: Cholorophyll or Vinegar?

S.K. asks from Chicago

My 20 month old son has had diaper rash consistently for the past 2 months. It ranges in severity, but more often than not it causes him to complain that it hurts. ...


Infant Acne

C.G. asks from Milwaukee

My 2 week old has developed infant acne pretty bad. I have heard mixed things about what to do. Is it best to leave it a lone completly or to wash it daily with just ...


Alternative to Infant Tylenol?

M.W. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I was wondering if there ia an alternative to infant Tylenol. I am so turned off by the dye and chemicals listed in it. But then I know I should have it on...


What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

K.W. asks from Las Vegas

Hi I was wondering what products many of you recommend for an infant (2 month old) who has a very bad sandpaper like rash all over her body. Her back is actually pee...


Infant Thrush

K.P. asks from Boston

Has anyone had an experience with infant thrush. My 5 week old has had a nasty case o thrush since two days after she was born. We have tried Nystatin, Gentian Viol...


Is Fabric Softener Used on Infant Clothing Safe?

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

It seems like I read somewhere that using fabric softener on infant clothing would diminish the affect of the flame retardant put on infant clothing. I can't seem ...


Infant with RSV

L.M. asks from Austin

I took my 3 month old baby girl to hospital this past Wednesday. They ran a series of test on her, it came back that she has RSV- respitory virus. Ok great, but now w...