Infant Thrush

Updated on March 07, 2008
K.P. asks from Manchester, NH
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Has anyone had an experience with infant thrush. My 5 week old has had a nasty case o thrush since two days after she was born. We have tried Nystatin, Gentian Violet and have even taken her to a Naturopathic physician who started her on an extensive regimin of probiotics, antifungals, and a homeopathic remedy. We have seen no results. Some of the stuff I read on the internet says that it does not cause the baby any discomfort... however she "grazes" when she eats rather than take more at feedings, which decreases sleep and increases fussiness. Has anyone else had this happen? Does it resolve on its own after a while? Or are we in for a long term thrush battle? Any info would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions... I will definately try some! Thrush is so stubborn!

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We had thrush due to antibiotics during labor, too. I assume you're treating yourself, too? Because as I'm sure they've explained it can pass back and forth between you two indefinitely if you're not both being treated.

What we did was this:

I took:

garlic supp 3x per day
echinecea 3x per day
grapefruit seed extract 3x per day
probiotics 3x per day
cut out as many sugars, starches, and artificial sweeteners from my diet as possible
painted my nipples with gentian violet before bed for 3 days, took 3 days off and did it again

For baby:

I gave her oral probiotics 3x per day (powder form she could suck from my finger)

put her to the breast after treating it with gentian violet to coat her mouth each night

treated her diaper area with chlortrimazole, 1% hydrocortizone cream and desitin (in that order) after *every* diaper change. I also cleaned her bottom with TP or cotton balls instead of baby wipes since wipes have moisturizers that can encourage fungus.

I only had to do 2 3-day courses of GV to get rid of the obvious plaques, but I continued the rest of the regimine for 2 weeks after that and have kept us both on probiotics ever since. It's never returned.

If, however, you've tried all this I would suggest talking to the doctor about Dyflucan as suggested. Thrush is pesky and a real pain to deal with! Good luck!



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If your daughters thrush is in her mouth and you are nursing, be sure you are being treated as well or you will just pass it back and forth to each other.

Good luck!



answers from Providence on

I suspect that the grazing is just her style of eating, and would happen regardless of the thrush.

Are you nursing? If so, adding probiotics to your diet can help with thrush. Cutting sugar and processed foods out of your diet can help, too. When the baby is old enough, they can write you a prescription for diflucan (or you only or you and her), but I think the baby has to be 6 months old.

So can leaving the baby diaperlesss as often as possible (I'm assuming it's on the baby's bottom and not her mouth). If it's in her mouth than you need to make sure you're treating yourself, too.

I had a friend who suffered with this until her son was 6 months old. Good luck!!



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Washing thoroughly each time you breastfeed is of vital importance and cut all sugar out of your diet.



answers from Portland on

If you are breastfeeding you need to cut out as much sugar as possible in your diet. If you are bottle feeding be sure the formula you are using has the least amount of sugar.



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I think everyone's advice is right on, as well as getting an antibiotic prescription from your pediatrician. My second child (daughter) got a nasty case of thrush when she was about 9 months, I was in the process of weaning her, I was wasn't eating well and neither was she, we were going through a rough time. I got her to a pediatrician right away and also made sure she had a well balanced diet. It was a wake up call for me. It went away in about a week and never returned. I'm sure if I was still nursing her, I would have had to take the extra measures others here have suggested.

I'd recommend making sure your diet is well balanced with a boost of multi vitamins for you and maybe her as well, just to keep her immune system strong as possible.



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My son had thrush for first 12 weeks of his life. I also tried nystatin and Gentian violet. What seems to work for us was:

Gentian violet on his mouth, (take pictures they're good to laugh at later)
Gentian violet on my nipples (I was breastfeeding)
After everyfeeding, I would clean my nipples with white vinegar
If you are leaking, change the breast pads when they get wet and clean nipples again with white vinegar



answers from Boston on

I had the same problem with both my girls! After two c-sections with all the antibiotics I got thrush each time. The only thing that worked was several weeks of Diflucan treatments for me. (I think it was 14 days worth) I also used vineger on my nipples after each nursing session. Make sure you change your bath towel after each use and cut down on sugars! Anything that touches your breast (nursing pads ect) has to be changed after each feeding and washed in HOT water! If you use a bottle at all with breast milk make sure you sterilize (boil for 10 mins) after each feeding. That stuff is hardy and VERY hard to get rid of!!! Good luck!

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