Vinegar in the Rinse Cycle?

Updated on March 23, 2010
N.F. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I recently read an article about potentially, unhealthy, carcinogenic material in dryer sheets. The article recommended using vinegar in the rinse cycle instead. Does anyone know if it should be white vinegar or another type? Anybody use this method? And do you like it better than the dryer sheets?

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answers from Las Vegas on

It works! My neighbor across the street uses this method. She uses white distilled vinegar. She said she was a little hesitant at first to use it because she was afraid her clothes would stink like vinegar....but she tried it and she doesn't stink! Her clothes smell just fine.

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answers from Chicago on

white vinegar. red wine vinegar will turn your clothes pink and apple cidar vinegar will turn them beige. I put vinegar in the wash cycle and have noticed my clothes come out cleaner and softer--and the vinegar gets rid og any odd smells.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have heard that white vinegar works well, and also helps eliminate odors. However, I recently discovered the dryer balls and they also work great and I don't have to add anything to my wash. They help remove static cling and also get the clothes nice and soft.



answers from Los Angeles on

WHITE vinegar. It prevents static, whitens, keeps colors color-fast, softens and freshens. YES - it can take the place of dryer sheets. I use it when washing quilting material - it sets the colors, (a cup of salt will also set colors in the first wash).



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi. Well, there is an alternative to both. I am a representative for a wellness company. They only sell natural, healthy, non-chemical type cleaners, vitamins, cereal, you name it.....all kinds of things for all kinds of illness. They have laundry detergent that I love, you use a half of an ounce per load! It lasts forever! And it's great! Their dryer sheets are also made of non chemical type material. I've found that even my dog doesn't sneeze anymore when sleeping under the blankets!
If you want more information, let me know. I use their products and I really do love them. And they ship them to your door! There is no water in anything they sell, you have to add it yourself, so everything goes way longer than what you buy with all the chemicals at the store.
It's safe for humans and animals, even goats, cows, horses and more!



answers from Honolulu on

yes just plain white vinegar....
and as the other poster said, you can also add in baking soda... and wash the clothes in it, or just in the washer itself (without clothes) to clean out the washer.

Vinegar and/or with baking soda can be used to clean everything in a home.

good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm not positive, but I think debunked that theory about dryer that website. Very good for sorting out what is real and what is just internet junk. Check it out.



answers from Los Angeles on

I add white vinegar and baking soda at the beginning of the wash with LESS laundry detergent. My whites are whiter then ever (and brights are brighter) and since I live in a very hard water area I was having to replace our white about every few months. Now I can keep them for MUCH longer (I have been doing this for 8 months and haven't had to replace any yet!). It also removes hard water spots from counters, mirrors, glasses... and NO HARMFUL ANYTHING!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Seventh Generation makes a great dryer sheet that is all natural. It is a funny brown color, but it works well. Also, it won't have any fragrance like the chemical artificial dryer sheets which took me awhile to get used to. The only stores I have seen them at are Mothers, Henrys, and Whole Foods Market. The article you read is true.



answers from San Diego on

Yes, that's true. Conventional dryer sheets are full of toxic chemicals that can have negative effects on your health. A much easier and less stinky solution: Shaklee's dryer sheets. They are unscented and non-toxic. Plus, after you use them, they're are completely recycleable! So, they're good for the earth too. Check them out at You an also register to win $200 of free products at



answers from Los Angeles on

White vinegar is the answer. I use this. Vinegar helps to get out left over detergent residue as well. Vinegar rinse can used on your hair too for the same reason. D.



answers from Tulsa on

use white vinegar and i either use that or baking soda in the wash all the time I like the results. dont like better than dryer sheet but works with my allergies better also you could use a small amount of downy on a wash rag.



answers from Los Angeles on

Things (bad chemicals) do get through the skin though it is our first defense. check your wash soap also



answers from Charlotte on

Regular white vinegar. I personally use reuseable dryer sheets, that work well on natural fibers. Which is something I am making an effort do do more. Synthetics are generally the culprit for static in the dryer.

Vinegar is also great for cleaning a drain. Pour some baking soda down the drain, let it set a minute and then slowly pour vinegar down the drain. It's a cool science project if you've never mixed the two. Bubbles and fizzes.

That combo is also great for cleaning stained pots and pans.

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