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First Experience with House Cleaning Service

Hi mamas, have a less whiny question this time :) I was super excited to be given a gift certificate for a house cleaning by some coworkers, for a baby shower gift. The lady that does it has her own business, actually used to work for me, so I know she will do a great job. I was able to speak with her yesterday and she will be coming next Saturday afternoon. My question is, what do you all do to prepare for the "housekeeper" to come? We talked about some basic things, like she will clean our ceiling fans and mop the floors, dust,...

Dry Cleaner

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Dry Clean Only down Comforter in the Washing Machine???

Our down comforter is dry clean only according to the tag. With the holidays approaching I know I will have to go without for a while if I take it in to be cleaned, plus our dog got blood on it and I'd hate to have that set in it. Apparently many people with large enough washers wash their dry clean only down comforters in the machine. Any horror stories from anyone who has tried this?


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Any Ideas for an Organized Housekeeping Plan?

I am looking for a way to better schedule my housekeeping duties during the day when my kids are at school, but also a way to involve them in helping too. I tend to let things overwhelm me when too many jobs are screaming, "me first!!" I get so frustrated, I end up doing something entirely different and I don't get caught up. I keep my house clean but I know I can do better on a daily basis if I had a schedule to follow.I would like to get my girls more involved in helping on a daily basis too. I've been inconsistent, so they are only...