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Travel Potty Seats?

My is DD is 2 and has been using the potty for a few weeks. And as long as we are at home she tells us she needs to go and has had only a couple of accidents. But when we are at a store she will not go on the potty at the store. We have tried to hold her and she still will not go. So my question is should we get a travel potty or a foldable insert? What did you all do? Thanks!


Screaming in the Car

I need help. My 6 week old sometimes will scream in the car. In fact if he's...

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Taking a Trip

Hello Moms, It has been a while, I hope all is well with all mothers. I am planning to take a trip some time in September to beautiful Jamaica (yeah!) and I will be travelling with a 9mth old for the first time alone. It is his first plane ride and I must say with all those negative reports out there I am worried about his flight. I was wondering if there are any tips anyone can give for travel and as far as packing what is good to carry, how much and being weight conscious any travel kits (bath products, meds. etc.) available. The trip...

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Baby Bjorn Carrier Vs. Ergo Baby Carrier

Looking to get a carrier for our new baby. I've read up on both the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo and they both seem nice. Just can't decide which one to get...Which one is more comfortable and easy to use?


Screaming in the Car

I need help. My 6 week old sometimes will scream in the car. In fact if he's...

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Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn

I did not use a carrier with my first baby, but with a 2-yr old and newborn, I would really like to be able to use a carrier. I have heard good things about the Moby Wrap and Baby Bjorn, but would like your opinions!


Flying with Kids

In a week we are flying with 2 kids to Orlando. One is almost 2 and the...


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Leaving Kids for Family Trip

My in-laws are planning an amazing 2 week cruise with the whole family-minus our kids. I wish I could be excited for this trip but I get anxious whenever I think about leaving my 3 little ones. They will be 4, 3 and 5 months old. I am having a difficult time finding someone whom I trust enough to watch the kids. My family agreed to watch them for a week but I know this is going to be extremely difficult for them because they are very busy and a week is a long time. My MIL has suggested some people she knows and trusts to watch the kids but...