Potty Seat for the Car

Updated on June 14, 2008
A.M. asks from Keller, TX
7 answers

Anyone have any recommendations for a small potty seat to use on long car trips?

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answers from Tyler on

Find one that can pop onto a regular toilet. Keep a roll of trash bags handy to wrap it in each time.

I used to let my sons stand on my feet as I stood behind them until they were able to reach the toilet on their own.

For the emergency stops on the side of the road, boys can usually learn quickly to pee on a stick or flower or whatever. Teach them the FUN of being a boy, but be sure to explain that it is only because you are not near a toilet.

Oh, the JOY of boys!! :o)

P. <><



answers from Dallas on

I got a folding seat that I kept in a plastic baggie (gallon) and could just clean off at stops. They have them at Wal-Mart, though.



answers from Dallas on

I got the travel potty from www.onestepahead.com and it has been a lifesaver on many occasions



answers from Amarillo on

A friend of mine used to keep a coffee can in her car for her kids to use. It worked good and had a tight fitting lid to keep everything in until she could wash it out.



answers from Dallas on

I got the BabyBjorn "Little Potty" at Target or Wal-mart for my son when he was about 18 months to get him interested in using the potty. It's under $10, so it's a good price. I now keep it in my minivan under the seat behind my seat, tucked away. It's small enough and it's one piece. To make it easy to clean, I keep a bag full of diapers cut in half and a bunch of grocery store plastic bags. I always have one of the plastic bags covering the whole potty with a half diaper sitting down in the potty. That way, when he goes in it, the urine is absorbed and I just pick up the plastic bag up off of it, twist it up closed, throw it away and replace a new clean bag and half diaper on the potty (good to always keep it prepared).

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