Travel Potty Seats?

Updated on July 27, 2011
D.M. asks from New Albany, IN
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My is DD is 2 and has been using the potty for a few weeks. And as long as we are at home she tells us she needs to go and has had only a couple of accidents. But when we are at a store she will not go on the potty at the store. We have tried to hold her and she still will not go. So my question is should we get a travel potty or a foldable insert? What did you all do?


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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your help! I ended up getting a 2 in 1 that you can use as a travel potty or as in insert on the big potty. I will def use the post it idea. That is awesome!

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answers from Cleveland on

We took a foldable potty seat with us everywhere until they were able to hold their little butts on the regular toilet seats (restaraunts, stores, other homes we were visiting, etc). I remember it seeming so gross and stored in a zip lock back, but that thing went everywhere with us.... Thanks for bringing back this memory :-). We bought it at Walmart and it was inexpensive (under $10)

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answers from San Francisco on

depends on what works for your DD :-)

We had one foldable insert and one of my girls wouldn't use it b/c the fold kinda pinched her once and she didn't want to use it ever again. So for her I just toted one of those cushiony nonfoldable inserts in a backpack - yeah it was a bit cumbersome, but at least I knew she would use it and I knew she would be sitting down on something clean (and I'd put one of those paper liners over the public toilet seat and under the insert), and much less stressful - for me *and* for her - than trying to hold her while she sits on the regular toilet

We also kept one of those one-piece baby bjorn potty chairs in the car or stroller for on the go (so to speak LOL) use. One tip I got from another parent in our twins club - put a plastic grocery bag (check to make sure it doesn't have any holes first!) *over* the potty and press part of the bag down into the collection area before sitting your LO on it - then after LO is done, wipe LO, bag up the business and discard the bag - no need to wash out the potty!

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answers from Wichita on


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answers from Portland on

Good question, I didn't realize they made the foldable inserts. After reading about several different foldable ones it seems like mommy's helper cushie travel potty seat has really good reviews. Apparently it folds up to less than the length of a dollar ( has a place where shoppers can ask questions and an answerer posted pictures). So far I've been putting her in pull ups (this is the first week of no diapers) when we go out, but now that I found this I'll probably buy this and take her out in underwear :)

Update: Cool idea D. M. I once again didn't know they had them so I'm going to look into that too. I liked *Amber C*'s post b/c for long trips I was thinking about doing that. Having the normal potty chair in the car b/c a lot of times we are driving in the middle of nowhere or there are gas station bathrooms that are filthy as a trash dump lol.

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answers from Honolulu on

IT IS A LIFE SAVER! (well we have a car travel potty, not a folding toilet seat thing).
We have had ours since my eldest child was 2 years old.
STILL use it to this day.
All our friends' have one too.

Just go to Amazon, input "on the go potty" and many brands will turn up.

We even have one in Grandma's car.

Well, ours is the kind that you have in your car.
And can use it if stuck in traffic, at a park or anywhere where there is no bathroom, or no clean bathroom.

This is a stage though... when she's older she will 'acculturate' to public toilets.
Both my kids were like that too.
Many, are.

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answers from Chicago on

love love love my travel potty

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answers from Dallas on

We used Bjorn travel potty for outings. Use the regular one at home. LOVE those potties. Not alot of cracks to clean out and are SO comfortable for them. I carried it with a small bottle of Clorox bacterial spray and some wipes and some of those adult bed pads that are disposable that are close to adult diapers. I would use the large stall and place the potty on the pad on the floor and let them go. Then dump the contents in the big potty, spray out the travel potty, wipe and throw away the pad in the trash. Done. Packed it all in a small backpack and carried it under the stroller.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Neither....just winged it basically. If she really has to go badly, she'll use the toilet.

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answers from Cleveland on

Both of my kids were afraid of falling in the big potty too. We bought something similar to this on I love that website!
It really seemed to help them feel more secure when using the big public potties.



answers from Kansas City on

one thing that scared my dd at stores was the automatic toilet. She would scream "it's going to automatic! I dont want it to automatic!" One of my coworkers came up with the idea of using a post it note. Put it over the sensor and it wont "automatic". It's easy and genius!



answers from Pittsburgh on

We got a foldable insert. We used the Bjorn insert at home so he has never (to this day as far as I know) seen a 'potty'. DS was also 2 when he trained. He did become frightened of the automatic flush toilets because of the noise and I realized he could not tell which ones were automatic. If you cover the electric eye with a post it it will not flush - that helped a lot. If we had tried 'nothing' he would have fallen in or off.



answers from Indianapolis on

My daughter recently used one of the folding lightweight seats for such occasions and it worked very well....also, if it is an automatic flush toilet, that may scare a small child in a public restroom......



answers from Minneapolis on

Just have to say I love the Post-it idea! I wish I had thought of it. Here was me with my hand over the sensor hoping that the darn thing didn't flush... :-)


answers from San Diego on

Being completely grossed out by those little potties and the whole idea of wasting all that time having to clean it all the time and having cats that would disturb it we opted for seat adapters for the house toilets and a foldable adapter to take with us that we throw in the diaper bag. We also always had post-it notes to stick on the sensors of automatic flushers so they would not constantly scare my kids.
We have step stools at home so they can reach the toilet and have somewhere to rest their feet when sitting. They are more comfortable when their feet aren't dangling.
I have had friends that have the travel potty in their trunk and honestly it seems too gross to me. Kind of unsanitary.
We've got 2 that are long since potty trained and one just starting. This is how we went with all of them.

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