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Leaving Kids for Family Trip

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

My in-laws are planning an amazing 2 week cruise with the whole family-minus our kids. I wish I could be excited for this trip but I get anxious whenever I think abou...


Help!!! Entire Extended Family Going Camping in 2 Weeks

L.E. asks from San Francisco

Help!!! I'm a late check-out and room service girl. I know nothing about camping for grown ups let alone how to do it with an infant. We were supposed to do a resor...


At What Age Would It Be Good to Bring a Child on an International Trip?

L.M. asks from San Francisco

My in laws would like to go as a family to Italy sometime. What would be a safe/easy age to bring a child on an international vacation?


Traveling Internationally with an Infant, How Do You Handle Naps?

J.P. asks from Phoenix

I'll be traveling with my 4 month old baby to France and England in the spring. She's a relatively easy baby, no health issues, colic, etc. and typically sleeps 10+ h...


My 3 Month Old Has a Sunburn

J.O. asks from New York

I took my dd for a walk in the baby bjorn this morning. I didn't put sunscreen on her and now she has a sunburn on her face. Thank goodness she was covered everywhe...


Toddler Carriers for Hiking?

C.V. asks from Milwaukee

I'm looking for anyone who has had carriers that they've loved or hated. We're going on vacation up north in about 4 weeks and my husband wants to get something that...


Advice for Travel with 8 Month Old

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, we are traveling to Florida for vacation with our 8 mth old. Any advice for travel would be appreciated. We are flying and staying at a resort for a week. ...


Seeking Advice on Air Travel, and Disney

B.M. asks from Allentown

Hello All, I am about to go on a family vacation to Disney with my husband and 2 boys (ages 3 and 7 mos). I am nervous about traveling with 2 children (and I HAT...


Advice for Air Travel with Infant

M.D. asks from San Francisco

Hello all!! I have a question regarding air travel and sleep on vacation for other mom's out there. I am planning to take my 8 month old on two vacations in Febru...


Traveling by Plane with Toddler and Newborn

M.J. asks from Los Angeles

I will be traveling across the country by plane with a 2-1/2-year-old active toddlerand a 2-month old baby. There's a chance I will have to do it alone, without my hu...