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Quality Backpack

I am looking for a higher quality backpack to purchase for my 15 year old son to use. Every one we have bought in the past only lasts 6-12 months. Wh...

By Car

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Car Seat and Diaper Bag

Hi! I'm looking for a convertible/combination car seat. I want one of those that can be used from 22 lbs with the 5 point harness and then remove the b...


Gym Locker Question

I've been trying to take my kids swimming at our YMCA more so we all stay active...

Infant Travel Advice

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Tips for a BUSY Trip to China?

I'm leaving in two wks for my first trip to Asia, specifically Guanzhou Province and Hong Kong. This will be a fast-paced working trip as a videographe...

Traveling by Car

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Car Seat Backpack and Air Travel

Hi! I have an 8 week old adorable baby girl and I plan to be doing some traveling without my hubby. Since I plan to go alone, I need some advice on tr...

Traveling by Plane

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Advice for a Long Flight with 2 Toddlers

I am flying with my 2 toddlers (3 and 1) in March. I have flown with them both before on short flights (1.5 hours) and they do okay, but are totally re...


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12 Month Snow Gear

Hello Mommies!!! My husband & I are planning on a South Lake Tahoe vacation and ...



I'm having a hard time finding summer hats for my kids - all under 7yrs old - fo...