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Daylight Savings and Adjusting 2 1/2 Year Olds Sleeping

M.M. asks from San Francisco

I am trying to keep my daughter up later and later every night in 15 minute increments to get her ready for the change of time. She seems to still wake up at her norm...


Pushing Back Baby's Wake-up Time

J.Y. asks from New York

DS is 3 months old and sleeping very well (6:30-6:30, feeds briefly at 10pm and goes right back to sleep). I've been trying to move his sleep cycle back half an hour...


Traveling with Children, Has Anyone Used Melatonin in Thier Kids???

M.F. asks from Portland

We are taking a 12 hour plane ride and changing time zones and I have heard that giving Melatonin to children can be helpful in preventing jet lag and also help them ...


Warm Weather "Honeymoon" Spots?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I have been married almost 12 years, have 3 kids, and have never gotten a honeymoon. My parents are pushing us to take one, and offering up their times...


Once upon a Time Tv Show?

J.T. asks from Victoria

I like this show but always seem to miss it. It came on at 7 tonight and I caught the last 10 mins or so. I usually remember it durring the week. Have watched the...


Pregnancy Exercise Videos

J.B. asks from Kansas City

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my second child and as daylight savings time starts this weekend, I can no longer walk for exercise in the evenings. I do not get home fr...


How to Avoid Airtravel Nightmares for Mommy and Baby

K.M. asks from Cleveland

I am planning an airplane trip to germany in march with my son who will then be 12 months old. I decided to get him his own seat but I am undecided if I should carry ...


Traveling to Hawaii

T.G. asks from Seattle

We are traveling to Hawaii for 8 days with a 4 month old. This is our first vacation with the little guy! I am planning to breastfeed approximately every 2-3 hours (...


Do You Think You Get More Responses to Your Questions Depending on When You Ask?

V.M. asks from Cleveland

are certain nights better than others? certain time of the day? and how do time zones work into this. I'm on the EAst cost. just curious. I have mamapedia up fr...


Can't Get 2-Yr-old to Stay in Bed!!

A.W. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Moms, I'm losing my mind. My 2-yr-old daughter has been in a big girl bed for about 2 1/2 months now, since she was climbing out of her crib regularly anyway. ...